How to Transfer Your Website from FatCow to FatCow

If you happened to have multiple websites hosted by FatCow and you felt like your websites are not efficiently managed because of its number then you can always create a new account with FatCow. FatCow wouldn’t mind if two or three webhosting accounts are owned by the same person as long as that person registers a specific email for each webhosting account. Since it’s allowed to transfer sites from one hosting provider to another, then it is even more possible to transfer sites from FatCow to FatCow.
But of course, you should transfer your site to your another FatCow account and not to someone else’s FatCow account for it is like robbing that person some privacy to manage her webhosting account if you’ll have access to her account. Plus, that person didn’t subscribe for a webhosting plan in FatCow just to host the websites of yours even if you’re a friend. Thus, you should create another webhosting account in FatCow and subscribe to a webhosting plan. Overall, this transfer of site to another FatCow account has the same process of transferring sites to a different hosting provider.
The basic advantage is that you’ll navigate similar FatCow websites unlike transferring your site to another hosting provider which will surely have a different website design and can confuse you as you look for certain buttons.

The transfer of sites from FatCow to FatCow is of the ff:

  • • Log in to the FatCow account which manages the domain that you’ll transfer. In the control panel, locate Security and unlock the domain name as well as its privacy settings. That domain will be temporarily unsecured for you to push through its transfer.
  •  Update the email of that account for the confirmation of the domain transfer will be sent there.
  •  In the Domain Central of that account, select the particular domain then clickTransfer. Hit the button, Send Auto-Info Code and check the email of that domain to get the authorization code.
  •  Log in to your other FatCow account.
  •  From the Domain Central of that other account, select Add Existing Domain then accurately type the domain name of the website you’d like to transfer. Click Add.
  •  After the domain has been added, locate the domain from the list of domains in the Domain Central then click it. Afterwards, click Transfer.
  •  Wait for the dialog settings to appear then input the authorization code. Click Transfer.
  •  Check your email for the confirmation of the domain transfer to your another FatCow account. It will usually take five days.
  •  After successfully transferring your site, log in to the webhosting account you have transferred your account to.
  •  Go to Overview portion in the vDesk control panel of your account and select Security. From there you can lock your domain and its privacy. Once again that domain of yours is secured.
  •  Access your domain or web address in the World Wide Web.

Asking the administration of FatCow to allow you to transfer your site to their care is most likely not needed for the site itself was previously hosted by the same hosting provider or the FatCow only of a different webhosting account. The transfer of sites to another hosting provider is usually cause by dissatisfaction on the service provided or plan subscribed to by the user. But in cases of transferring a site to another webhosting account but of the same hosting provider is probably just to give the hosting provider a greater capacity to host the sites since the domains are registered to separate webhosting accounts. One simple advantage of transferring sites to same hosting provider is already being informed on how it provides its service.

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