Is FatCow Hosting A Green Company?

A lot of individuals and companies these days are doing their share to contributein building a sustainable orgreen environment. For instance, utilizing the World Wide Weband aiming for a zero-paper workplace is a good way to initiate and support an eco-friendlydrive.

If you are planning to put up an online page for your company or business, you can also take part in this ecological campaign by choosing a green company to host your website. There are various non-green webhosting companies or providers that propose first rate customer support and reliable servers at a minimum monthly service charge, on the other hand, the same offer can also be matchedby the green hosting companies. Like those non-green hosting service companies, there are also a number of green hosting service providers that you can transact for your hosting service requirements and one of them is FatCow.

What are the features presentedby FatCow that can work to your advantage?

FatCow started as a hosting service provider in 1998 and is continuallybringing quality service to its clients up to the present. What influence the clients to opt for their service is the features they offer with their hosting service and some of those promising features are as follows:

  •  24/7 or round-the-clock Customer Support and Technical assistance.
  •  Unrestricted bandwidth usage
  •  Unlimited use of storage or disk space
  •  Unlimited number of POP Mailboxes for emails
  •  Complimentary listing at
  •  Domain name that is for free
  •  Free ready to use site templates
  •  Easy to install applications, blogs as well as forums
  •  Usage of Mobile Site and Website Builder without a cost
  •  Google credits amounting to $100
  •  Bing and Yahoo credits amounting to $25
  •  Easy to get to toll-free phone number
  •  30 days Money Back guarantee

What makes FatCow unique from other Web Hosting companies?

As there are innumerable web hosting service providers in the market at present, possessing andstaging a unique quality can be used as one’s edge over its rival hosting companies. And what makes FatCow prominent and distinctiveis its wind power solution.

FatCow bought and invested on Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, to balance the company’s energy consumption given that they do not have the ability to produce wind power or energy for the company itself. These Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) display ecological benefits through wind energy, hence cutting down the electricity created by means of fossil fuels. Opting for the service of a green hosting company, such as FatCow, will lessen the environmental impact brought by using the fossil fuels.

How can FatCow’s Green Badge help draw more visitors or traffic towards your website?

Aside from the important features or services your site needs, you are also entitled to have a green badge that you can add to your page once you sign up with FatCow’s hosting service. There are a number of green badges to choose from and you can get them without any cost. Once that particular badge was clicked or viewed by a visitor, he or she will see a certificate from FatCow to attest that your online page is being powered by the wind energy.

Once you have downloaded and added this Green badge or seal, you can now start plugging and makingthe whole world know about your energy-efficient page on the internet. This badge may also help your site’s visitors realize the importance of having sustainable surroundings and entice them to make environmentally-responsible choices as well. Aside from the advantages mentioned, here are the additionalbenefits of having the Green badge on your website:

  •  It attracts environmentally-conscious clients
  •  It certifies that your online page is run by wind or renewable energy
  •  It creates a status of an environmentally friendly and responsible company

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