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FatCow can cater services needed by individual websites, blogs as well as small to medium-sized businesses. It offers very reasonable web hosting plan that can satisfactory run a website. FatCow also contains applications that can help set up a web blog properly or enhance it. It also includes eCommerce tools or applications that businesses can surely take advantage of.

FatCow can provide all the software needed by their business customers to build their online stores. This software may include online catalogs, shopping cart, dedicated project managers as well as an SSL payment portal where PayPal and Credit Card payment options were integrated. This hosting service provider also ensure that establishing an online store is done quickly and easily so that customers will have their eCommerce store running on the World Wide Web in next to no time.

What are the eCommerce Tools that you can take advantage from FatCow?

If you decided to get FatCow’s service and assistance to put up your online store, you will not only a get a specific eCommerce tool, but a number of them which can help your website’s visitors experience easy and hassle-free online shopping, this also mean an added sales and revenue for you. Enumerated below are some of the highly essential tools for online shopping sites.

 Shopping Cart

This tool will help the customer select the product they needed without difficulty. It also makes the payout process more efficient, clear and more secure. The shopping cart also makes sure that the customer have selected and ordered the right product and ensures that the shipping detailshave the proper set up. This tool will not only benefit the customers, but you as a seller, as well. It will enable you to trace your stock or online store’s inventory. Hence, you can easily identify which products are selling like hotcakes and which product needs to be replenished.

 Credit Card Payments

This feature will enable online paymentby means of credit card. This payment method is more convenient than having the customer pay through money transfer or bank deposits.

 Paypal Integration

Paypal is one of the widely held payment methods over the web. Since a lot of people have accounts with Paypal, it is practical for youronline business to have this payment option. This is because it could attract customers or potential buyers all over the world, especially those who prefer to settle their online purchases using their Paypal credits.

 Shared SSL

This feature lets you use the SSL badge on your online business or store. The SSL badge is an indicator that all the information transmitted to your online page is secured. This will give your customers an assurance that their credit card and personal information are highly restricted and safeguarded from abusive individuals.

How much will you have to expend for the eCommerce Tools of FatCow?

When you sign up for FatCow’s hosting service, you can get the eCommerce tools at no additional cost. You just have to pay for the hosting plan you choose. This means that if you opt to get a plan that cost $7.49 for a month, you can have the access to the essential eCommerce tools such as the shopping cart and credit card payment. On the other hand, if you want to have a number of customization options, you can upgrade the basic planinclusion, such as the Shopping Cartto ShopSite, which is suitable for small to medium businesses.

What are the ShopSite Shopping Cart packages that FatCow offers?

ShopSite is a Common Gateway Interface (CGI-based) shopping cart that will enable you to modify your shopping cart. FatCow offers three ShopSite packages and each of them caters different business type.

 ShopSite Starter

Ideal for small businesses as this cart allows 15 products, 5 pages of shopping store, use dual currencies, gives payment receipt after successful payment and it also enables you to access different shippingpreferences.

 ShopSite Manager

This cart will enable medium-sized businessesto display an unlimited number of pages on your online store. It includes Google Analytics that lets you monitor the statistics of your site’s visitor. It also gives you the ability to do various customizations to catalog your products, manage your online shop using a mobile device and have your customer pay their purchases through their mobile phone. Upgrading to this service will entail a charge of $ 79.95 for a quarter.

 ShopSite Pro

This is shopping cart is recommended for major retailer selling a variety of products. This includes a social networking page similar to Facebook on your online store which can attract more visitors. You can also offer free coupons or gift certificates to your customers as your store’s promotion.

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