Does FatCow Offer Monthly Payment?

Today, the main part of the business is the customers. A good businessman knows and understands the values of his target market, plays with it, satisfies it and later on, innovates it. When he gets the good impression he wants, he start to build his trust, then he works more on goodwill then uses brand loyalty of his customers as a leverage. Truly, the secret of a successful business lie on the ability of the merchant in addressing the buyers’ needs, wants and comments.
The typical concerns of a common buyer are:


Of course! No more questions why buyers’ main concern is the price of the commodity. The point there is if you can buy the same quantity of products at almost comparable quality with different prices, why would you settle with the high-priced ones when cheaper products are available without compromising your needs?


 Quantity doesn’t come with quality. Awful but basically the truth. Sometimes, it is the quality of the products that we purchase. Choosing the standard and beyond standard quality goods and services mean savings in the long run.

 Brand name

 Sounds fiction but true. Some buyers take brand name into serious consideration. Maybe, they have tried the products under that brand and were satisfied with the outcome or the feature.

 Customer loyalty

 When you try it, you just can’t get enough of it. No matter how behind the product is, some buyers stick to that because of the trust they gave to the goods.


As of today, trend speaks for the choice of many buyers especially the youngsters. That is fashion. What can we do?
You see, affordability comes first. The basic consideration of a customer is how much he should pay to own the item. According to investopedia, there exists and affordability index where 100 is population earnings’ median. What goes beyond 100 is not affordable to the public and what goes the otherwise I what the public prefers.

How to pay in Fatcow?

Known to be the classic web host who works well on the quality rather than on the style, fatcow is considered a hidden gem. What makes it more classic is its pricing model- constant and consistent, instead of the common confusing one. Instead of the annual payment that most web hosts roll-out, fatcow implements a simpler way of paying your dues, which is by letting you pay them monthly. A complete package costs only $4.67 per month but since they are on a very extravagant and generous sale, you can have your own online presence with just $3.15 per month!
Based on a review by, there are advantages in choosing a monthly payment schedule for your bills, these are:

  •  It offers less risk because upfront commitment is not needed.
  •  Provides a lower barrier to entry. With just a few bucks, you can own a site now. Rather than paying for annual charges and finding yourself not comfortable with your host.
  •  Makes the process shorter and cost-effective. Since only a minimal amount is involve, it asks for a little time managing the papers or form what-so-ever to build your site.

What you get with a monthly payment?

When you contract with Fatcow, you may choose 12 or 24 months term but that doesn’t matter because payments will still be required monthly. There are instances when you get to take a few bucks off your dues because of fatcow’s promotions and freebies.
Upon paying your $3.15 monthly today, you get limitless of these:

  •  Bandwidth
  •  Mysql databases
  •  Email accounts
  •  Disk space
  •  Hosted domains

Plus you can also get freebies like:

  •  Domain name
  •  Website builder
  •  Shopping cart
  •  Polls
  •  Forums

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