FatCow WordPress Setup Guide

FatCow has been serving many thousands of customers since 1998, and they are a popular choice for affordable WordPress hosting.

UPDATE: FatCow just recently lowered their price from $49/year down to a super-affordable $38/year. That’s just $3.15 a month for a full website! Visit FatCow to sign up and get your WordPress site up and running in a few clicks.

Some of the features in the package that this hosting provider is promoting are limitless usage of bandwidth, unlimited Mailboxes and indefinite amount of disk or storage space. Hence, users will no longer worry about fully using up the limit for these features. On the other hand, despite WordPress’s claim of the 5-minute process, the WordPress installation procedure, including the process of setting up the MySQL database, can be fairly tricky especially for those users who are not that technically savvy.

How To Set Up Wordpress On Your FatCow Account

A lot of individuals are beinghooked into blogging these days, and one of the widely held tools or applications used by the bloggers is WordPress. Installing and using this application is that even beginners who have basic technical knowledge can manage to create an administration panel which can then allow users to upload and publish content. WordPress also allows user to customize their website even without profound knowledge about HTML or PHP programming language.

Any person who has basic know-how regardinginstallation, can put up WordPress by following these simple steps:

  •  Open your hosting Control Panel then go to Website } SimpleScripts
  •  Scroll down until the Script List shows Blogs
  •  Click the name link WordPress
  •  Click Install

Take note that you will be asked for the installation directory during the installation process.This directory is a path where WordPress will be installed and it is important that you focus on this path as it plays a role on your blog’s URL.Once you opt to specify the WordPress installation directory, the install directory you have specified will become an element in your blog’s URL and will appear as http://yourdomain.com/yourinstallationdirectory.

How to install plugins for WordPress?

You have the option to install plugins for WordPress in order to have additional features and enhance your page. There are plugins that are created by WordPress itself, and there are also plugins that were formed by third parties. Among the available WordPress plugins, the items listed below are highly recommended as they can boost the security and accessibility of your web page.

WordPress Firewall 2 plugin

This plugin will keep your website secure against hackers. This works by preventing or deterring common attacks or other possible malicious actions toward your WordPress page.

W3 Total Cache plugin

This plugin works by reducing your web page’s loading time and make it more user-friendly and easy to access.

What are the benefits of having the WordPress Firewall 2 plugin?

The WordPress Firewall 2 plugin is an optional WordPress feature that can be added to your website for security purposes. This plugin blocks hackers from getting into:

  •  Directory traversals within the application parameters
  •  SQL queries within the application parameters
  •  WordPress-specific nomenclatures or terms within the application parameters
  •  Field truncation within the application parameters
  •  Upload of executable files

Installing the WordPress Firewall 2 plugin only takes few easy steps. You just need to login to WordPress then click Plugins} Add New found in the left portion of the window. Then, key in “WordPress Firewall 2” in at the search bar and click the Search Plugins button. The WordPress Firewall 2 plugin will be displayed on the search results. Click the Install Now button found under the plugin name in order to start the installation.

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