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Content management is one of the important parts of any online business site that is why many business owners and developers are looking into different web hosting sites that can provide them the most reliable web content management system that also has the perfect scripting language for web development and other website functions.
PHP is a commonly used for website content management along with Java and Perl. But a lot of developers find PHP more appealing because it is very easy to use and it is very flexible since it can be combined with other web development platforms and languages. And web hosting companies, like FatCow, include this in their packages for effortless web developing and hosting.

What are advantages of PHP over other web development language?

PHP offers numerous advantages over other scripting language. For one, it is very easy to learn and to use. The framework looks quite overwhelming for first timers. But once you mastered the PHP framework, coding would be a cinch. You spend less time coding and cut the time of your web development process. Another advantage is, it is organized since it already has a filing structure that can help you in locating the files and the codes. This framework also provides a number of libraries to help you with your coding. You don’t have to hunt for a 3rd party code or have a hard time writing them since they are already provided by the framework itself. Coding the littlest things such as the paginations, emails, form validations, and other functions would take little effort and time.

Numerous uses of PHP

  •  Creating dynamic web pages
  •  Creating web pages with graphical user interface
  •  Server-side scripting
  •  Custom extensions of C+ and C++ languages

What other programs and applications that can be combined with PHP?

One of the things that endeared many developers over this scripting language is that it can be combined with other scripting language to create a cleaner and more desirable web page like HTML and MySQL. The LAMP Architecture framework uses PHP and other web development languages like Perl and Python for web application deployments, but it can also use the three languages all at the same time.
What FatCow package offers PHP framework and what does it offer to the clients?
FatCow’s platforms offer a wide variety of coding language and PHP is one of them. The PEAR Package or the PHP Extension and Application Repository are a framework that uses renewable PHP components like:


Inclusion of C functions


 produce documentation from the source

 PHP Archive

Allows to use files in the archive section

 PHP_ArrayOf – create a collection of specific element types and kinds


Reformat PHP 4 and PHP 5


 look for the minimum versions and extensions to make the code work.


Detects code violations in the scripts


Debugging PHP-based codes

Are there are restrictions in regards to FatCow’s frameworks?


Some PHP components and applications need a larger memory so it would be best to upgrade your PC’s RAM and storage

Running Time

Time is of the essence in FatCow. The allowable run time is 60 seconds. Custom scripts that are not running might impact other sites on the shared hosting platform that is why is has to be killed after the allotted time.

  • It is a must that you have the necessary programming skills needed when using FatCow PHP-based platforms to manage the codes and the scripts. Tools included in the package should be used by developers with advance programming skills.

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    Jack Mason October 16, 2017 at 2:29 am

    What PHP mail libraries are available?
    I’m trying to use PHPMail without any success.

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