Is FatCow Compatible with Mac?

It would be very helpful to have a device wherein you could manage your website even with your daily busy schedule. If you want help with you always, you can stay connected with email services by FatCow web hosting company. One of the tools that they are using is the Microsoft Exchange Mobile Services.
Having such could really mean a huge help for you and your business. Managing your email boxes whenever you want and wherever you are is really great. Also, you can check or talk with your clients in whatever moment you want to give those updates or anything that regards with your services.

What is Microsoft Exchange Mobile Services?

Over the past years, messaging is considered to be the easiest way of communication. As tablets, iPhones and Mac’s evolved and became popular, everyone thinks about it as the fastest and the most efficient device a business person should have, because it contains helpful applications with the Microsoft Exchange Mobile service that is easy to be access.
This service is known to be equipped very well so it could provide messaging to users of mobiles.If you want to connect your web host to your other devices, Microsoft exchange mobile service cold make that possible for you. FatCow also ensures you that they are compatible to connect with Mac’s, iPhones and iPads.
To connect your device with the exchange mobile service, you should primarily think of the security and its capacity. FatCow regardless of its cute name, is one of the web hosting company that is Mac friendly that could offers not just the possibility of connection, but also other features which includes security of usage.

What are the other mobile devices that can be set up with FatCow Exchange Mailbox?

If you don’t have a Mac to set up with FatCow exchange mailbox, you can also use other mobile devices you have. The lists below are only few of the many more devices. Devices that are as follow are the most popular:

  •  Apple iPhones 1.0 and Apple iPhones 2.0
  •  Early Java-based 5810 and 5820
  •  Blackberry Specialty 5790
  •  Blackberry Quash 6210, 6220 and 6280
  •  Motorola Q9c
  •  Samsung Ace
  •  iMate Ultimate 9502

How to Setup Mac to access FatCow Exchange Mailbox?

To start, you should make sure that you are using SP2 for Mac Office Entourage if you are running Entourage version 11.0X or 11.1X. After the installation of SP2, install the latest update of 11.2.1 from Microsoft’s site, then log in into your mail central and go to the Access tab.
It is the primary set up for you to start on. After these, you can follow the other steps where you could be finding in after clicking the access tab. You can also have the technical support team to help you, and you can have the guide tab so you could know what you should do. Moreover, FatCow provides support team to help you.

Are there any steps to obtain an Exchange Mailbox?

If you want to obtain an exchange mailbox, there will be simple steps, of course. This will take you only little time to reach your goal of obtaining an Exchange Mailbox. Here are the steps to be followed:

  •  First, you should make sure to have a domain name registered in FatCow web host.
  •  Choose the capacity space number of Exchange Mailbox you want. There are options to choose from. 5GB, 10GB and 25GB.
  •  Check if you have set the required options overflow.
  •  Make the mailboxes for each purchased product by converting or creating a new exchange mailbox.
  •  Have the access now, and configure Outlook.

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