Privacy Policy

To better guide you with the privacy policy of our site, you can refer to these information so that you will have an idea as to the type of information that we can access and how we will be using it for your page. This will just take a moment of your time.

If you have further concerns or questions, regarding the inclusions of the policy, please also feel free to contact us with our email address:

Collection of Data

This is the section that will talk about the types of data that we will be getting from you and on how we will be using such information to improve the quality of our works and output. The collection may either be done by us or by means of a third party company that is also accredited by our system.

Under your name, the following data will be gathered and stored:

• a username and screen name that will be used on the posts that will be incorporated on the site
• real names that are needed for the registration process
• your actual comments, posts, or contributions on the site that will be recognized with your identity and/or your name.

Here are additional things that we gather automatically as you visit the site. These things are normally seen and collected by every website and we do the same:

• The IP address
• The type and the version of the Operating System
• The type and the version of browser being used
• The entry and exit pages

The use of such information

What do we do with such information that we gather from you? Here they are:

• The information we collected from you will help cope up with the needs of our market as it targets our ads and efforts based on your data.
• The things we gather will also help in the development of our products and services in general.
• The data sent in will also be your identification as the owner of your own posts and a marker of your contribution for the site.

On emails…

It should be reiterated that we do not send out emails that does marketing researches or surveys. These emails should not be mistaken to be coming from us. They may sometimes claim to be emanating from us or doing it on our behalf but it may just be misleading you. This is because we do not send out emails not unless it is in response to your inquiries, questions, comments, or suggestions. Aside from that, the other emails that we send are the ones that are needed only on the registration process. To date, we do not send emails that perform surveys or marketing researches.

The third parties

The information that we are able to gather from you will be shared to our accredited partners as it is needed to improve the quality of the service that we will be able to give you. Apart from that, it is rest assured that all your information will be kept private and in safe keeping. We do not divulge or send it to other companies for any matter or type of agreement. In the same manner, all information about you that will be coming in from our reliable partners will also be kept completely safe and private.

On information sharing

We ensure the proper keeping of your relevant information. Amidst that, in order to give you the best for your site, there will be instances that would warrant the sharing of your information. Even with that, it will still be safe for you as all information will be shared only to reliable and pertinent outlets. Here are the instances where your information will be shared safely:

• At times of a merger, achievement, or similar events, the company may be asked to divulge details about the users and the identity of the participants contributing to the entirety of the site. Information regarding the site’s demographics may also be told.
• At very rare events of court subpoena, it will be legally necessary to provide the complete details involved in the site, including your personal information.
• In cases of fraudulent details or huge issues that will better benefit the general public over the preservation of your personal details, your information may also be shared.

Tracking Technologies

To be better able to track our development and effectiveness, here are the technologies that we are using:

• Web beacons– these are small gif files that helps track if emails had been opened or not
• Links to external websites– these are not always recommended and are used at your own risk.

• Cookies, like web beacons, are also managed and tracked by a third party company.

On Policy Information

The privacy policy may change from time to time depending on the need and the current trend in the online market. It is advised to routinely check the page or contact us for any concerns at:


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