Editorial and Content Policy

At WebHostingPlanGuide.com, our mission is to be the internet’s most trusted resource on web hosting. Our process includes publishing indepedent, objective and up-to-date information for anyone who has questions about web hosting; from entrepreneurs who want to launch their online business, to local businesses and even seasoned system administrators.

Editorial Review Process

The WebHostingPlanGuide.com editorial team regularly reviews the content we publish to ensure this content is accurate and up-to-date. Each article is peer-reviewed by at least one member of the editorial team. The current hosting expert review status can be found at the top of each hosting review page, under the article title.

Editorial Team

The WebHostingPlanGuide.com editorial team is comprised of seasoned hosting experts, ranging from Linux systems administrators to digital marketing consultants.

Our senior Editorial Team members include:

Johnny Lee

Founder and Chief Editor
Johnny has been building websites since 2003. His skillset ranges from HTML/CSS and PHP/MySQL to CMSs like WordPress and ClickFunnels; Linux administration and Amazon AWS, and more. Johnny's goal is to accomplish two things daily: Learn a new thing, and do something that helps someone else.

Ryan Nelsen

Contributing Editor
Ryan brings years of experience as a systems administrator responsible for the reliability and performance of both Linux and Windows systems. He maintains high website speed and security for several ecommerce brands ranging in size.

Akshay ``Kap`` Kapoor

Contributing Editor
There's only one thing Kap loves more than web development... ascending to the glorious scenic peaks of mountains. When he's not busting out the hiking shoes, Kap is writing, testing and deploying code in various languages and environments. He helps bring a developer's perspective to our hosting reviews, especially for the more high end hosts with advanced features.

Mattheus Almeida

Contributing Editor
Mattheus (he says just call him Matt) is our resident WordPress expert. He's been building sites with WordPress for over 5 years and has contributed to the development of multiple plugins and themes. His favorite obsession these days is speed optimization for WordPress sites.

Errors and Omissions

WebHostingPlanGuide.com recognizes that errors and omissions in hosting reviews, software reviews and other product information may occasionally occur. In such cases where our visitors see the opportunity to correct errors or misleading statements they find, we ask that our visitors contact us here to alert our team so we can correct any site content errors.

Consumer Reports WebWatch

WebHostingPlanGuide.com supports the Consumer Reports WebWatch guidelines to promote credible information practices on the Web. For more information, visit CR WebWatch here.

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