Terms of Use

To be able to properly inline our understanding as to how information on our site will be used, we have developed this page that talks about the Terms of Use of the website. This will also be helpful in setting the correct expectations when it comes to the site’s inclusions, limitations, and as well as the services that it renders.

To make it more understandable, we will make mention of the products and services of webhostingplanguide.com as their SERVICES. For any additional inquiries or information that you miss to understand on this page, please feel free to reach us at contact@webhostingplanguide.com

The User’s license, its warranties, and representations

• All users are assumed to be on their legal age and are given permission to access the site at their own convenience and need.
• All of our users are directly regarded to be individually capable and eligible to enter the binding contract concerning the terms and services.
• This website as a whole and every page of it are built to be helpful in web hosting activities of individuals.
• All users are also assumed to be using the website’s data in legal manners only.
• It is strictly prohibited to destroy, reverse, or decompile any information, source code, or text that originally comes from the site.
• All users of the website are directly assumed to agree with our terms of use not unless it is brought up and referred to us. In connection to this, any future changes of the documents and format of the page are also assumed to be agreeable to all of its users.

The trademark, the ownership, and the copyright of the site

Given the site, what do we really own?

• We own the brands, names, titles, logos, and other images or details that represent the site and any of its services.
• We own the contents that can be found on the page and all the posts that had been uploaded to our site by our staff. This ownership also holds true for those posts and other details coming from online users or readers who contribute to our system.

Our reliable third party partners:

• own the set of logos, brands, titles, images, or slogans that are found on their unique sites and are just linked into ours.
• own the technologies that these third party partners has been able to trademark. These technologies can still sometimes be used by our site but its ownership still remains with the third party partner, given the situation.

If you would want to use such items or if you have some other concerns with regard to it, do not hesitate to contact legal@webhostingplanguide.com.

About websites being linked

Let us talk about the websites that had been linked through on our page:

• It is highly encouraged to be very cautious with the other websites that have been linked to and from webhostingplanguide.com as their activities are beyond the control and scope of our page.
• The contents of those websites being linked towards us do not necessarily reflect our contents. In this regard, it also means that we do not endorse those pages and that their contents are not directly related or connected to our website. In short, we could not vouch for their reliability.
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The guarantee

The web is a huge information ground. Each website has its own set of filtering standards. Each of them is also maintained by different personnel who keep their own set of detailed customs for their contents. Their data may or may not fully match our very own set of standards. Therefore, the only contents that we can vouch for are the data that can be directly found on our website. This means that we cannot fully guarantee for the contents of other websites linked to and from our pages. You should then be extremely cautious when navigating through these pages as they have their own views and ways of management.


It is agreed that we will be free from legal liabilities in cases where you use any information found on our site either directly or indirectly. Our writers, staff, and other personnel will not be help legally responsible for any argument relating to our products and contents.


To better give you a complete understanding of our privacy policy, please read through it on a separate section which we have prepared. The said section will give you full details as to the rules governing the privacy of your data and files.

General Provisions

All the rules previously mentioned apply to all with no exemption. For any legal actions or arguments, all cases will be processed and handled under the courts of Delaware.

Should you have further concerns or relevant issues, feel free to contact us at legal@webhostingplanguide.com.

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