Dedicated Server Hosting Reviews - Our Top Picks For 2019

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#1 - LiquidWeb

9.9 dedicated Rating
Monthly Starting Price
  • FREE incoming bandwidth and choice of OS
  • Intel Xeon with 4-28 cores and 8GB – 125.8GB ram
  • Lightning fast SSD storage in RAID1 or RAID10
  • Custom configurations with SSDs and instant provisioning
  • Free CloudFlare CDN, backups, DDoS protection and ServerSecure™ enhanced security

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If you have a high traffic ecommerce website, you need a hosting solution that gives you the best possible performance. LiquidWeb have feature-rich dedicated server hosting solutions that are both Linux and Window-based. These servers guarantee you 100% network uptime 24/7 proactive Sonar Monitoring, server hardening through ServerSecure and Heroic Support. You have the flexibility to choose from a preconfigured fully managed bundle or a… (See the full LiquidWeb review)
Money-Back Guarantee
10x Compensation
Disk Space
250GB - 500GB SSD
Domain Name
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#2 - InMotion Hosting

9.8 dedicated Rating
Monthly Starting Price
  • KernelCare rebootless kernel updates
  • SSD primary storage with RAID included
  • Managed service included
  • Free WHM and cPanel included
  • Tier 1 network with redundancy
  • 99.999% net uptime via Smart Routing™ technology

Get started with InMotion Hosting now.

InMotion’s dedicated server offering is impressive. Compared to most competitors, they are more generous with resources and performance features – especially on their entry level/basic plans. All of their dedicated server plans are managed and include SSD primary storage with software RAID for redundancy; FREE cPanel and WHM licenses; 100% network uptime guarantee, remote KVM compatibility and 24/7 U.S. based linux support engineers ready to… (See the full InMotion Hosting review)
Money-Back Guarantee
30 days
Disk Space
Domain Name
FREE (1 year)
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#3 - BlueHost

9.4 dedicated Rating
Monthly Starting Price
  • RAID 1 storage configuration
  • Minimum 3 IP addresses per plan
  • Modern servers, designed and maintained in house
  • 24/7 expedited support from the dedicated team
  • Downside: No SSD storage; servers are unmanaged.

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BlueHost is highly regarded in the industry for their ongoing investment in state-of-the-art hardware and infrastructure. It seems they know that providing reliable high-performance hosting is the key to turning a new customer into a customer for life. All BlueHost dedicated servers come with a minimum of 4 CPU cores with 8 threads. RAID 1 mirrored storage Includes minimum of 3 dedicated IPs Modern server… (See the full BlueHost review)
Money-Back Guarantee
30 Days
Disk Space
500GB - 1TB RAID1
Domain Name
FREE (1 year)
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#4 - HostGator

9.3 dedicated Rating
Monthly Starting Price
  • Xeon-D CPU: Choose from 4 cores/8 threads or 8 cores/16 threads
  • RAM: Choose from 8GB, 16GB or 32GB
  • OS: Choose from Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian) or Windows
  • Storage: All plans use RAID1. Choose from HDD or SSD – Note: Only HDD is available on the Value Server plan.
  • Resource Scaling: You can increase resources instantly via control panel
  • Setup: Free and instant (no waiting for your server to be ready)

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Get started with HostGator now.

HostGator’s dedicated servers offer an attractive balance of cost and performance. Founded in 2002, they’ve been Here’s the TLDR: Xeon-D CPU: Choose from 4 cores/8 threads or 8 cores/16 threads RAM: Choose from 8GB, 16GB or 32GB OS: Choose from Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian) or Windows Storage: All plans use RAID1. Choose from HDD or SSD – Note: Only HDD is available on the Value Server… (See the full HostGator review)
Money-Back Guarantee
45 Days
Disk Space
512GB - 2 TB RAID1
Domain Name
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#5 - SiteGround

9.1 dedicated Rating
Monthly Starting Price
  • Full Platform Management
  • High Performing Hardware
  • 24/7 VIP Support
  • 5 Free Dedicated IPs
  • Free CloudFlare content delivery network
  • Secure shell (SSH) access

Get started with SiteGround now.

Imagine hosting your website on a state-of-the-art dedicated machine managed by top experts in the industry. This is what SiteGround offers under its dedicated hosting package. To ensure that no one is left behind, there are three plans under dedicated hosting. Entry Server – This gives you up to 3.20 Ghz of clock speed, 4 CPU cores, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 8 CPU threads, and… (See the full SiteGround review)
Money-Back Guarantee
30 Days
Disk Space
500GB - 2TB HDD
Domain Name
FREE (1 year)
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#6 - A2Hosting

9.1 dedicated Rating
Monthly Starting Price
  • Fast speeds of up to 20 times
  • 24/7 Guru Crew support
  • 9% uptime commitment
  • Money back guarantee
  • Perpetual web security

Get started with A2Hosting now.

Here, A2Hosting gives you your own server resources to manage. Alternatively, it has managed plans for those who may need support. They have 4 main hosting management levels which include: Semi-Dedicated Hosting – This package gives you more power and privacy at an affordable cost. It is targeted at customers who want more resources than offered under shared hosting, but do not have the capacity… (See the full A2Hosting review)
Money-Back Guarantee
Disk Space
From 1TB
Domain Name
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Dedicated hosting service is a type of web hosting in which the company or the service provider leases the entire server not shared with anybody else.

This kind of web hosting is a lot more flexible compared to shared hosting since the organizations have full control over the server, including hardware and operating system choices.

A single computer reserved in a network for catering and serving the needs of the network is referred to as a dedicated server. It performs no other tasks but only their server tasks.

In the world of web hosting, a dedicated server is usually a rented service. The client or user rents the software, the internet connection and of course the server from the hosting company or the web host.

Managed Dedicated Server Support

Dedicated server hosting providers define their level of management based on the services they offer or provide.

Administrative maintenance of the OS or operating system includes the following:

  • Security patches
  • Daemon updates
  • Upgrades

Levels of management may differ depending on the addition of the following:

  • Users
  • Daemon configuration
  • Domains
  • Custom programming

Dedicated hosting companies can offer various types of server managed support which are the following:

  • Fully-managed – this type of service managed support includes monitoring, software updates, operating system upgrades and security patches. Customers are completely hands off.
  • Managed – this type of service managed support has medium level of management, upgrades, monitoring, and a limited amount of support. Clients or customers may perform specified tasks.
  • Self-managed – it’s a type of service managed support that requires regular monitoring and some maintenance. Clients provide or most tasks and operations on a dedicated server.
  • Unmanaged – little to no involvement of the hosting company or the service provider. Clients provide all the maintenance, patches, security and upgrades.

Server management of dedicated hosting can include some or all of the following:

  • Operating systems or OS updates
  • Server monitoring
  • Updates of applications offered or available
  • SNMP hardware monitoring
  • Application management and monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Firewall services
  • Anti-spam software
  • Anti-virus updates
  • Security audits
  • DDoS protection and mitigation
  • Intrusion detection
  • Restoration and Backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • DNS hosting service
  • Load balancing
  • Database administration
  • Performance tuning
  • User management
  • Programming consultation
  • Installing and configuring software

Security Concerns

Dedicated hosting server companies use extreme security measures to make sure that data stored on their network of servers are safe.

Service providers usually deploy different kinds of software programs for scanning networks and systems for obtrusive invaders, hackers, spammers, and other harmful problems like Trojans, rootkits, viruses, malware and worms.

Software Selection

Dedicated hosting companies or server providers offer users or customers the ability to choose the software they want to install on their dedicated server. This offer includes the choice of operating system, specific applications and databases, depending on the overall usage of the server.

These dedicated servers can be customized and tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the customer or user.

Other software applications that are available are control panels which are specialized web hosting specific programs. The control panel software contains server applications, software applications and automation tools that can be readily installed on the dedicated server.

Database applications, programming languages, server administration tasks, application deployment, and integration into web servers, and the ability to automate tasks via a web based front end are also included in control panels.

Most of the dedicated servers are already packaged with control panels. Most often confused with management tools, control panels are actually automation tools that are web based, created to be useful in the process of web site creation and server management.

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