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The web hosting industry is tough to navigate.

Bad experiences with various web hosts are basically what brought us together on this project.

So we spend time and money purchasing, testing and reviewing web hosting plans.

Why? So you can…

  • Avoid paying for more resources than you need.
  • Avoid sketchy companies.
  • Find the fastest, most reliable and affordable hosting for your website(s).
  • Get the lowest price available for the hosting you pick.

How are we able to spend money purchasing hosting plans for testing?

It’s simple. If we decide a hosting provider is worth recommending, we sign up for their affiliate program and get a special link to use. We also negotiate with the host to get he lowest possible price for our visitors. When you use our links to get your hosting, you get the lowest price and we get a commission, which helps pay for our costs incurred by signing up and testing all these hosting plans. This is called affiliate marketing, and I’m going to be releasing a guide on this in the next 6 weeks.

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