Can I Transfer My Site to FatCow?

If you had created your website from other webhosting company and decided to transfer on FatCow then you have nothing to worry about; it is possible for you to transfer your site to the care of FatCow without you paying any transfer fees. In order for you to transfer your site with such ease, you have to strictly follow some steps that are quite simple in terms. Transferring your website to FatCow will involve mostly your domain and details related to it.

Prerequisites of Transferring

  1.  Email an application letter for the transfer of your site to FatCow. The admin of FatCow will still decide on whether your application will be approved and that depends on the reliability of your basic information such as your name servers, contact details etc. Wait five days for the confirmation.
  2.  The website that you would want to transfer to FatCow should still be working or is actively updated. In other words, your domain or web address of your website should exist.
  3.  Commit to your domain transfer in FatCow for 1 month. This means that you couldn’t just transfer your site again to another webhosting company. You need to show some professionalism.

The steps are of the ff:

  •  Register to FatCow and subscribe for a webhosting plan. Go to domain registration and services of FatCow. Unlock the domain of your site and deactivate its privacy settings.
  •  The domain that you will transfer should have reflected in your domain registrar in at least a month.
  •  Update your email information for the confirmation of your domain transfer will be sent thru email.
  •  Get your authorization code from the domain registries or contact your domain provider and ask for the EEPS or the keys for the domain transfer. If you don’t know your domain provider then search for it with the help of Whois Lookup.
  •  Log in to your FatCow webhosting account. In your vDeck control panel, look for Domain Central and click it. Select Add Existing Domain, fill up the domain name, then click add.
  •  Go back to Domain Central then click the domain you want to transfer. Input your authorization code to the dialog box and select Transfer, afterwards.
  •  Check your email (the email you’ve provided in your domain information) for confirmation of the transfer process or for further instructions. Click the link given.
  •  Wait five days for the successful transfer of your site to FatCow.
  •  You’ll be given an option to buy a domain credit for the renewal of your domain in FatCow for another year.
  •  You’ll be informed that you have successfully transferred your domain.
  •  Lock your domain to secure your website.

Why transfer your domain to FatCow?

  1.  Save yourself from the hassle of managing your websites separately by selecting FatCow to host your sites.
  2.  Do not worry about renewing the hosting of your domain for an option of Automated Domain Renewal Service will appear at the end of the transferring process.


  •  If you find it troublesome to transfer your website then you better just create another site directly to FatCow upon your registration with it.
  •  Opt for domain transfer if and only if you can pay for the webhosting plan of FatCow. Registration with FatCow is just start of the process. You need to subscribe to a plan then the process of transferring other sites to your FatCow account will follow.
  •  Fill up whatever Is the information asked in the whole process of domain transfer to avoid any delay or interruptions of the process.
  •  The domain of your website that you choose to transfer should have no any legal discord that will involve FatCow’s administration to any problem caused by your mismanagement.

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