Can I Pay FatCow With Debit Card?

Good news! Yes, FatCow accepts many popular forms of payment from customers worldwide. You can use your debit card to get your site online with FatCow.

Here are the payment methods that FatCow offers you:

Looking for a web hosting company with an easy method of payment will never be simple. For sure, you would spend more time to find a way to make it as less hassle for payment method. Especially, when you want to use the usual debit cards or any other cards you have with already.

FatCow web hosting offers lots of help management for your site, with a simple and easy way of payments. If you would choose FatCow that can help your site manage its services, you can enjoy with its great hosting plans with the domain name where you can have the unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and more.

How safe is my information in FatCow?

Fatcow is established to help you with your website management problems, and to offer you services you need. However, to make these things possible, you should sign up with your true identity to be verified as a costumer.

Yes, this will just be a simple step for you to follow. You only have to make sure that the information you are filling in is truthful because FatCow is using your details to be updated with any issues and other services it could offer you.

This should not be a thing for you to be worried about. FatCow is a web hosting company that does not sell any information of their clients; neither let other people rent it. Also, FatCow has a privacy policy that protects their costumer’s information in all aspects.

Moreover, this web hosting company has the SSL encryption which is leading, and known to be used by FatCow in protecting client’s private information such as credit card numbers and codes, whenever they are online.FatCow also have the private IP routers that secure the database servers.

Any Terms and Conditions/Policies To Be Aware Of?

Of course, every company has policies and rules or terms on payments. This is to make sure that they will be on time, and on the proper manner of having the payments.
Some FatCow policies are as follows:

  •  FatCow is not responsible of activating your account due to unpaid services or products you want to buy.
  •  Encoding a false identity with FatCow will result to suspension of accounts and will be checked if it is allowed to be reactivated within 72 hours.
  •  If your account was suspended, FatCow will reactivate it only if you have settled your accounts.
  •  FatCow is not responsible of revoking or deleting any content of your website if you are given a suspension.
  •  If your method of payment using credit card cannot be process, FatCow has the right to terminate your account for non-payment

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