Does FatCow Offer A Website Builder?

Most business owners are either confused how to start doing business online, frightened by the web or overwhelmed by so many options presented. This worry is understandable especially if you don’t have prior experience in programming or technical know-how how to make use of internet to drive more traffic and generate customers.
To start with you have to build your website. The website serves as the landscape where you can post information about your product. Creating website is no longer a stuff exclusive for those who are skilled in programming. With utools already available online, you can start up your site that serves as the launching pad of your business.
What to consider in building a website? Properly created website drives more traffic and followers. There

are considerations in making a website and failure to do so will lead your internet presence to decline. That is whay there are many business owners, despite having website, who have ended up being left on the sideline. In fact, they don’t get even noticed. This can be addressed by:

 Looking for right website builder

Building website can be done offline and online. There are softwares that can be downloaded that lets you construct your web page in your computer but the information about your page isn’t available for people around the world to see if it is done offline. If you want to instantly launch your page soon after you’ve done building it, you can rely on web hosting companies to take care of this concern.

 Server optimization

 Have web hosting companies optimized their server for particular applications you are running in your website? For example if you’re using word press software there are web hosting companies that have server that can host this software.


 A good hosting company makes their client feel protected from theft and technical problems.


 You must choose a hosting company that has secure data center where to keep your files.
In terms of website builder, Fatcow is a one-stop website hosting company that offers this service. You can immediately start builds your home page when you have already registered in one of its packages. Set of pre-designed web page are available for you start with and they can be customized to suit your needs. And since it comes with quick install option, wordpress can be easily installed with just a click of the mouse.

How important having a good website to top google ranking?

Getting on top of google search results is not impossible. It is a matter of web page optimization. The content of the web page you’re running must be relevant and appealing enough to lead your customers to your product. The template, texts and videos must provide all the information your customers need so that they’ll stick to your site.

How webpages are ranked? To make it clear, Google ranks webpages and not websites. Google considers the following factors:

  •  What information you are giving google
  •  How did you create your webpage in terms of codes used
  •  Up-to-date information on the webpage
  •  Relevance of the content of your webpage
  •  Attractiveness of the content
  •  Link Building

Fortunately, Fatcow can help you with website optimization through its services. It has tools to help you improve your web page and it has built mailboxes in multiple organizations or social media platforms to increase your connection. Either on-page factor or off-page factor, Fatcow takes care of both. This is undoubtedly a great hosting company worth investing for. As one of the top server space providers Fatcow can be your partner to your business’ success.

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