Does FatCow Support SSH?

Having your own internet connection does not guarantee you safety whether to your computer or to your website. To be honest, it is unprotected. Without your knowledge, your precious website can be exposed to hackers, spywares, and spammers who might get interested with your computer files or data and steal them. Unfortunately the World Wide Web is full of thieves, scammers, phishers and fraudulent netizens. And for sure, you would never want to be a victim of all these vulnerabilities and end up losing your website and potential clients or customers too.
Web hosting companieswant to attain and ensure security to their customers. Software like SSH or Secure Shell connection can secure and safeguard your website and your computer data and files.
Aside from building, managing, developing, promoting and advertising your website FatCow is also concern of its safety and security. However, FatCow does not support SSH access.

FatCow and SSH access

SSH or Secure Shell is developed by SSH Communication Security LTD. It is made to provide security and protection to your data and other important and confidential files and information. This is kind of a complex connection system. Since is it accessed to an encrypted connection, your data will be displayed in an unreadable format that is hard to comprehend or understand which then protects your data and files from hackers and other unsolicited third party who want to have access to your website and get detailed information, and might sell it.
When you are using SSH’s slogin (instead of rlogin) the entire login session, including the transmission of password, is encrypted; therefore it is almost impossible for an outsider to collect passwords.
SSH grants protection to a network from attacks such as DNS spoofing, IP spoofing, and IP source routing. An attacker who has managed to take over a network can only force SSH to disconnect. He or she cannot hijack the connection or play back the traffic when encryption is enabled.
Despite these facts, FatCow does not have an SSH access.

Why does FatCow Hosting do not support SSH access?

Many web developers want to have a highly secure and lightning fast SSH connection provided or available to them from their chosen hosting company or from the shared hosting provider that assists them with the website they are creating and managing. However, for most, a Secure Shell connection or access is not something that is required or extremely needed, and it’s surely not going to do any damage or harm to the security level of the web hosting account.

  •  FatCow Host desires that their customers will experience creating, building, and managing their websites in the simplest way. By using FatCow control panel known as the vDeck control panel, security and protection can be acquired. This control panel contains a highly secured and encrypted environment that can surely safeguard and protect your website. Having a Secure Shell access or connection will complicate managing your files and account. FatCow’s way of doing this simply and easily is through its control panel.
  •  FatCow, aside from its control panel, supports the SSL to secure your website.
  •  SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL utilizes the encryption technology to protect and secure confidential and important data and files and also has the ability to authenticate the identity of your account.
  •  SSL grants security to your online transaction easily especially if you own an online store or a shopping cart.
  •  FatCow host runs 128-bit encryption for SSL.
  •  SSH has a complicated or complex connection system. It makes it a lot difficult to manage your data or files and your website accounts.

FatCow mainly aim to offer a simple hosting, so adding a complex feature which is SSH would not help achieve their goal.

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