Common FatCow Complaints

To have a web host that can handle your site, you would really be looking for the ones that are efficient and helpful, and so you can be at ease on management the services your site offers. Most of all, you would not like to have malfunctions along the way, and delay tasks or works. Like other web hosting companies, FatCow offers mostly the same features that a costumer could enjoy.
However, there are many things you should know about FatCow web host to learn its functions and all its features. It is also important to read reviews, and some of the common complaints that are made by clientswho had experiences with FatCow web hosting.

Are there any Weakness of FatCow Web Host?

Unfortunately yes, but there is only a little about this talk. In fact, the common complaints of the clients have remedies, and those problems can be solved. FactCow has the called MiniMoo hosting plan, which is said to be competitive and perfect for those who want specialization of email addresses and splash page.
FatCow weaknesses are also influenced by the reviews and feedbacks of people who had a bad experience on this web host. However, a lot still find this web host the most effective hosting company that offers great features to costumers, and the most efficient web host to help you manage the services of your site.

What are the Most FatCow Common Complaints?

Knowing that FatCow has weaknesses, it will also be better to know what the most common complaints of the clients are. There are three; however, this is based on the feedback and reviews researched. We provide not any damage for the web Host Company, but information for the clients and interested customers. The common complaints are as follows:

 Unexpected Fees and Charges

Refer to the payment where you have not expected to happen. This always happen on annual renewals, and to other more. FatCow Company also receives complaints about the inappropriate refund regulations.

 Slow Respond of Technical Support

Which would consume you a lot of time to wait before you can receive a respond, specifically on email services. Their technical support team should function 24/7 according to one of the complaints.

 Inefficient Server Performance

 Even the web host company have the 2 top notch centers of data, there are still clients who are complaining about the slow response of the servers.

How FatCow cando to solve these problems?

After knowing the complaints of the costumers, FatCow web hosting company are doing their duties to improve and attend to the needs of the clients. The company is working on its technical support team. All of them are in hand in giving the costumers the satisfaction they want to have.
Also, FatCow web hosting company considers the feedbacks and the rating system of the reviews from the clients. They believe so that with this way, they would know what to do and what more they will have to improve for their customers. This web hosting company can also make amends with regards to the fees and other payments, so both parties could meet the equal standards.
Moreover, FatCow Web Host Company also has a money back guarantee. The costumer can have their money back if they are unsatisfied of the services, and web hosting functions.

What can FatCow offer to Clients?

Although there are mentioned complaints and weaknesses of FatCow, it does not limit them to give more features to their loyal customers. Some of these features you can enjoy are the following:

  •  SSL Certificates and Integration of Shopping Carts
  •  Low Price Offer of Ultra-Basic Hosting
  •  Technical Support from International Base
  •  User Guides for New Clients
  •  Affordable Annual Pricing
  •  30 days money back guarantee

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    ecoda October 7, 2015 at 1:31 am

    shared hosting on fatcow is a malware farm and the only thing they will talk to you about is to purchase sitelock services of $200 or more , the files they reported as infected is just clean after I scan it with more than 8 online and offline scanner I continue and deleted the files but the account is still suspended till I purchase sitelock !!!
    This is not the only problem I get after financial mistakes on billing me for unexisted domain and very slow replies from uneducated supports that don’t even read the text you send them just a stupid copy and pasted answers!!!

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