How to Process Credit Card Payments on FatCow

With the sprout of online businesses, transactions and payment for services are also mostly done online. This is the case of subscribing to any plans of webhosting companies. Payment for plans offered is usually done through credit cards. In FatCow, credit card payments for plans are not really complicated. You just have to go through some step by step instructions as follows:

  •  As soon as you have signed up with FatCow, you will also have to subscribe to a specific plan. You can opt to pay through credit cards.
  •  But if you’re new to the whole process of credit card payment then log in to your FatCow account, navigate to the BillingCentral of FatCow and select pay thru Credit or check Payment Overview/Review of Billing Status of Account Management. Just give the necessary information in paying thru credit.
  •  As stated above, give the information asked. Input the credit card information and the CVV. In Visa, Discover and Mastercard, you can find the 3-digit CVV number at the back of your credit card, following the account number. While in American Express, Card Identification or CID is in 4-digit values and can be found in the face of the card. CVV is the Card Verification Value and as its name says, this will verify the existence of your credit card and will confirm any instances of falsity in your given card information. Input the information, click Save and Continue. Afterwards, select pay now.
  •  If in the next payment, you lost your credit card or it has expired, you can still opt for credit card payment as long as you update your credit card information in the Account Information of vDesk control panel of FatCow. Select Update Billing Information. Make the changes then click submit.
  •  If you forgot to update your credit card information, then credit card company you subscribed to will save you with their own update services. Mastercard has Automatic Billing Updater as well as Visa with Visa Account Updater. The non-update of your credit card will hinder your credit card payment process. This incompetency will backfire in your credit card company for the hosting provider will be contacting them immediately if credit card payments under your name aren’t settled. To save you from this trouble, better update your credit card information yourself.

A Reminder

Just make sure that the credit card details you submitted as you pay your FatCow plan matches the information you filed in that credit card company or bank of yours. Otherwise, no payment will be processed but you’ll be informed through an error that says zipcode mismatch. If this happens, you’ll have to settle your credit card information with the credit card company.

More on Credit Card Payments

Not only in FatCow transactions can you pay thru credit but you can also set up credit card payments in the websites that you manage. Here are the simple steps:

  1.  Log in to your FatCow account and navigate to its control panel.
  2.  Look for the eCommerce portion then select it.
  3.  Inside the section, click AcceptSafe.
  4.  You’ll be loaded to AcceptSafe website for the sign up.
  5.  After the approval, you can configure AcceptSafe on your chosen shopping cart.
  6.  For example, in ShopSite, fill out first the information needed then look for the section Commerce. Click it and select Payment from the subsections provided.
  7.  From there, you may choose credit cards that you’ll allow credit card payments on your site.
  8.  On the latter part of the Processor section, click on Authorize.Net then select Configure Processor.
  9.  Just complete the information asked.
  10.  Your site can then receive credit card payments through shopping carts of ShopSite.

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