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In telecommunications, communications protocol is a system of rules designed for transfer or exchange of data within or across computers. An example of this tool is File Transfer Protocol which is used to transfer data form one web host to another. Some FTP has added security feature which includes username and passwords before authentication to transfer. There are two main parts of FTP usage that involves the user ad the web host. The computer is fully under the control of the user while it is the responsibility of the host to provide the FTP server. When you transfer a file via FTP, it is available already for all the users so there is no need for an individual download.
FTP servers become a need of the web managers and site owners because it is a common part of the business to transfer documents and files as well as upload the same. It is the mean of communication for the business to enable data exchange among employees.

Guideline in Fatcow’s FTP

Before you start connecting with your FTP via Fatcow, you have to know the following:

 File Manager

 It is a built-in feature into your fatcow control panel which allows you to organize your document and files. It helps in uploading and downloading small amount of data.

 Window Explorer

 The common that we use in opening, viewing, copying and moving your files offline. It does the same thing when it connected to FTP.

 FTP Client

 It is an application designed to optimize your FTP Connection. It I preferred by most users. It needs to be downloaded and installed into the computer before usage.

 Offline website builder

 Online website builder comes free when you open an account with fatcow. Offline website builders which are stored in your computer connects via FTP by the time you publish your web site.
The primary settings of your FTP are the same with the settings of your hosting account. The generic settings according to the fatcow site include:

  •  FTP Server Address
  •  Username
  •  Password
  •  Port
  •  Passive FTP

As mentioned, it is not recommended for clients to share their primary FTP settings with other people as it can cause your account be hacked or damaged. For security purposes, you can create multiple FTP logins. This is how:

  •  Go to your control panel
  •  Click FTP
  •  Fill out the informations required in Create a New FTP
  •  Finally, click create new FTP user

FTP in building your site

FTP is one of the tools you ca use to start building your website. Fatcow file manager is used to upload files and documents. Sitedelux is one of the popular website builder tools which is available on many fatcow plans.
Sitedelux is a tool you can use to design your web site. You can make it look professional and organized with templates and themes suitable for your business. The contents can also be edited through website builders as you can manage your files, upload or download images,videos,reviews, maps, blog and more other things to customize your site.Start using youeSitedelux now!

The steps in starting sitedelux are:

  •  Log in with your username and password
  •  Go to website management then from there go to control panel
  •  Choose from numerous available templates that suits your commercefor business owners or your style for personal site users. For sure, you can always find one there.
  •  Preview the contents and the design of your site. If you feel that you are not yet fine with it, continue editing.
  •  When everything is in place already, publish your site now with fatcow. You are now ready to welcome site visitors!

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