Does FatCow Put Ads On My Site?

FatCow has been in the business of providing web hosting service, in as early as 1998. Throughout the years, FatCow developed a good reputation and has been cited as one of the trusted and reliable web hosting service providers these days. If you go for the service of FatCow, the company will run, develop and promote your website over the web. It also gives you hosting plan options so you can pick out the plan that suits you best or the plan that meets your requirements for the features and services. With the excellent features, services as well as products, FatCow can help you put up a professional-looking website that guarantees stability and positive output.

Aside from the promise of stable and efficient online site, FatCow can also help you increase your earnings through the help of its eCommerce tools if you decided to set up an online shopping store. It can also integrate advertisements to your website. On the other hand, the ability to put online advertisements is not possible for those customers who opt for the basic hosting plan only.

How can FatCow put advertisement on your online page?

There are two reasons in which FatCow places advertisements to your online page and these are:

Free web hosting

FatCow offers paid and free hosting plans. If you opt to enroll in a free plan, you have the option to add in a few advertisements on your website run by FatCow or third party. You can also enable pop-ups and banners on your page. On the other hand, if you want to have your page free from advertisements, you may need to get a hosting service plan that restricts advertisements, pop-ups and banners. The support team of Fatcow will be able to assist you in choosing the plan that is suitable for you so you just need to contact them.

Parked Domain Service

It is stated in section 14 (d) of the User Agreement that FatCow has the right for the advertisements that were integrated with your online site. This agreement also suggests that you are not entitled to any compensations or funds for the ads that are placed and shown on your website. This is also termed as Domain Parking because you cannot use the domain name for the web services and you do not have discretion of the registered domain.

What are the features you can take advantage fromthe FatCow hosting plan?

If you choose to sign up with FatCow’s hosting plan, there are a lot of features that you can take advantage and that can help you put up and develop your page on the internet. You can make the most out of the unlimited features that this hosting company offers and this unrestrained service apply to:

  •  Bandwidth usage
  •  Disk space
  •  Email accounts
  •  POP mailboxes
  •  Domain hosting

In addition to the above listed features or services, there is the Site-builder tool that brings in available templates, as well as themes, that can be very useful when creating your website’s pages. Also included in the hosting plan is the Web Analytic tool that can help you monitor the statistics of your online site in detail. The Google Webmaster tools, Google customer search and FTP access are added features that are integrated into FatCow’s hosting plan.

In addition the Google Webmaster tools, there are also a number of tools that can help in the promotion of your website. Here are some of the valuable marketing tools included in FatCow hosting plan:

  •  Google Adwords Bonus amounting to $100
  •  Yahoo or Bing search
  •  Marketing credit of $25
  •  Facebook advertising credit that is equivalent to $50
  •  Free toll-free phone number and listing in
  •  Hub Spot’s website

The plan also includes eCommerce tools such as ShopSite that can help generate or increase your site’s earnings as it supports credit card payment, PowerPay, Shared SSL and Paypal integration. Reliable and 24/7 customer and technical supportis anotherbenefit of signing up for FatCow’s hosting plan.

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