How to Set Up a Shopping Cart on FatCow

With the advancement of technology today, the World Wide Web has been the place not just for the personal consumption and leisure of the users but as well became the home of the business-minded people. 39% of the world’s total population has been active in the internet and so imagine the wide range of market a businessman has when he promotes through the internet. Aside from that, the fact remains that advertising via the internet is much cheaper and hassle-free. But the growth of World Wide Web users has increased the demand of not just advertising through the internet, as well do business with it. Doing business with just few clicks and strokes is really convenient and fast.

Shopping Carts

We are all familiar with the traditional shopping cart our moms use as we stroll around the supermarket riding in them and picking out our favorite chocolates, looking for other children who might be doing the same and trying to see if they are picking out the same food as you did. That is the classic. Shopping cart used in e-commerce is the virtual when but works exactly as the traditional four-wheeled cart we knew.
Shopsite: Fatcow’ Shopping cart
Fatcow offers shopsite as its modern-day shopping cart. It is a very convenient site that helps you build an online store in minutes. Promote your products and even process the customer’s orders safely over the internet.
There are various features of shopsites that Fatcow offers. It’s upon the customers’ discretion what to choose that is suitable for their needs. The following are the features of the types of shopping carts:

1. Shopsite starter

These are perfect for business that has few products and are still building up their names. Get this for free. With shopsite starter, you can have:

  •  Maximum of fifteen products and five pages
  •  Store themes and set up wizard
  •  Editing software which is very compatible to the web
  •  Supports dual currency for customers outside the area
  •  Automated customer receipts
  •  Negotiable freight and handling options at the convenience of the clients
  •  Computation of tax by zip code
  •  Compatible with email marketing

2. Shopsite Manager

 This is appropriate for a business that sell many products with promotions and freebies. Cart start at $79.95 per quarter or $299.95 per year! These include:

  •  Unlimited as in limitless number of goods and pages.
  •  Templates perfectly customized for store and carts.
  •  Option to sell products on bargain.
  •  Store search.
  •  Upload in bulk plus extra special editing tools .
  •  Supported by mobile devices so clients can go shopping anywhere they may be.
  •  Orders are processed to quickbooks which is an accounting software.
  •  Google analytics are integrated.

3. Shopsite pro

This cart is apt for business with wide range of products that need more management in selling their products. Get this for $139.95 per quarter or $539.95 per year. The features of this cart are:

  •  Digitalized coupons for sales and discounts.
  •  Gift certificates.
  •  Rewards program for customers to intensify customer loyalty.
  •  Barcode scanner.
  •  Tracking for products sales under referral.
  •  Facebook market.
  •  Inventory track to keep your inventory counted, monitored and secured.

As per comparison, of course shopsite pro takes the lead as every category is present under it. Some good features which will provide for the security of the store is not incorporated in starter and a few in manager. In pricing, Starter is free! Manager and Pro comes with the price but you get something out of the price! In Store building, commerce shopping cart, security and reliability, advanced developer and customer service tools, all features are incorporated in Pro. Some are missing in Manager such as Automatic page generation and custom page selection. Well, that is what you get for paying higher price.

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