Does FatCow Offer SEO Services?

Making sure that their website is working to their advantage is something that all business owners want to achieve. They want to guarantee that the time, money, and effort that they spend on their online business page are all worth it.
That is why digital marketers are doing what they can to promote their clients’ website. They utilize and exhaust all the possible means to make it happen. They try to up the rankings of the websites and use different techniques to achieve their desired goal. As much as possible they want the website to be visible on the Web and the search engine for their target audience, and one of the latest methods that online marketers used to up the rankings of the website is Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of utilizing the organic search results of search engines to improve the ranking of a website and make it more visible to the users and audience. Also, SEO is used by digital marketers to drive traffic to their site. Placement or rank of a site is of importance to marketers. And as much as possible, they want to their website to be placed on the first page of the search engines so that there is a high probability that their target audience would click and visit their website.
But before a digital marketer can use this internet marketing strategy, he must take into consideration some factors like the search behavior of the audience, the process of how the search engines work, and the corresponding words or phrases that their target audience uses when they are searching something online.

Why is it good to incorporate SEO in your marketing strategy?

SEO can do a lot of your website, given that it is used correctly and properly. One of the main reasons why SEO is popular nowadays it is because it is cost-efficient, but has a high return of investment rate. Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, the cost of launching SEO campaigns is inexpensive with a good sales conversion rate.
Another good thing about SEO is that it never stops in promoting your site online. Even when your store is closed, your website is still visible in the public eye on the search engines. People will likely see your store 24/7 and the organic search will be your round-the-clock promotion and marketing tool to increase your search engine presence. But doing SEO entails a lot of persistence on the marketer’s part. It is a must that you have a good team behind you to do the SEO work.

What are the SEO packages being offered by FatCow?

FatCow not only offers web hosting services, but they also have a good SEO team to help site owners grow their businesses online. They are using a program called SubmitNet for their SEO campaigns. This feature provides a number of services from Keyword Analysis to Reports Creation.
FatCow SEO Services offers three packages


URL Submission to search engines and open directories. Also includes manual and automatic submissions


Aside from URL submissions, the packages also include Meta Tag Generator and Analysis, Keyword and Stat Checking and Tracking, Keyword and Competitor’s Site Analysis, and tracking whether your site is following SEO rules.


This extensive package contains the services offered in the first two packages, but it has additional services like Load Time Analysis, Browser and Link Checks, and Site Uptime Monitor.

What are the search engines that FatCow uses for URL submissions?

  •  Google
  •  Yahoo
  •  Netscape
  •  About
  •  Alta Vista
  •  AOL
  •  Looksmart
  •  Hot Bot
  •  Excite
  •  MSN
  •  Lycos
  •  All the Web

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