Can I Cancel FatCow Anytime?

Yes, absolutely, and you can get your money back too.

Although you have registered in FatCow and subscribed to a hosting plan, you are not forced to finish the plan if you choose to cancel. In other words, you have the freedom to cancel your account anytime. There are some guidelines you have to follow and conditions in some cases for you to push through in cancelling your account.

Newly Registered Account

If you have just registered with FatCow then your account is included in the 30 day money back guarantee. Within 30 days, you can cancel your account but you are still given a full money back of what you have paid at the start of subscription. If free domain is included in your plan but you choose to let go of it, then FatCow will take hold of your domain and no domain fee will be deducted in your refund.

Currently Subscribed in a Plan

Those who have been a loyal client of FatCow but suddenly decide to cancel their accounts, then they should give the company a notice 30 days before your initial term or plan finishes. But cancelling your account earlier will entail you to pay a cancellation fee that amounts to $35. You can still get a refund depending on how much has remained in your term and how much services were rendered on your website. If you created your domain with FatCow, you are also obligated to pay for it but your payment will just be deducted from your refund.
If you have any questions on charges of cancelling your account then you can settle your concerns by contacting,

How to cancel your FatCow account?

In cancelling your FatCow account, just follow these easy steps:

  •  Log in to your FatCow account.
  •  Navigate your control panel and look for the section of Account Management. Select it.
  •  Click the subsection, Account Renewal
  •  You are given three options. First is Auto-Renew your account, second is Downgrade to Domain Parking Account and the third option is Do not Renew my hosting plan account and you should choose the last option.
  •  As your plan expires, your account will be removed as well.

Although the domain fee will be deducted in your account, you are allowed to point or transfer your domain to other websites. This means that you do not need to finish the plan you have subscribed to and you can transfer to another web hosting company.

Update: FatCow is now available for a grand total of $49/year just $38 a year. You get everything FatCow has to offer for just $3.15/month. Sign up today and get your site online fast and easy.

Reasons for Cancelling

Some of the usual problems complained by users are slow loading of the WordPress blog feature of FatCow, not immediate responses and complaints about the prices of plans. The problem in the wordpress may be caused by too much content used in the blog. The main problem addressed by users is connection problems as internet surfers access their websites. Those whose websites are primarily meant to promote their businesses will treat this as a main problem. Slow connection may cause users to cease on viewing those websites. This might directly affect the sales of that online business or even its popularity to people. The probable cause of this slow connection is the bandwidth management of the hosting provider.All of these complaints may be settled by contacting the FatCow Support Team. The team is based in US but you can contact them through Live Chat and telephone numbers that can be navigated on top of FatCow’s website. In the feature of Live Chat, a real person from the support team will chat with you and ask of your problems. The person in chat will try to persuade you to stay with FatCow but the last decision still depends on you.

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