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It’s not just all about creating a website, but it’s more on how will you be able to develop and sustain your site to make it productive and stable. Creating a website is just one short step, but there’s still a long way to run for it to become one of the best trusted sites. One of the important tools that need to be integrated to your site for it to achieve the said stability is through web analytics and analysis tools.

What is web analytics for?

When you go online research, you will realize that there are diverse and different views on the definition of web analytics. But regardless, they share a common view that web analytics is a collective process of measurement and reporting of web data which in turn be used to understand and optimize web usages, thereby, help in the improvement of the performance of a certain website. No matter what these varied descriptions have to say, we know one thing for a fact that web analytics and analysis tools are designed for the betterment of websites.

What are web analysis tools utilized by FatCow?

One of the most widely used web analytics is Google analytic which is of course founded by Google. This will give you detailed statistics regarding your website’s traffic. But somehow FatCow does not support Google analytic, instead uses other web analytics and analysis tools with the same efficiency and dependability. FatCow make used of the following tools:

  •  Visitors Statistics tools
  •  Webalizer
  •  AWStats

What can Visitors Statistics do for you?

Visitors statistics is an analysis tool that make used of log files that will enable you to learn the following:

  •  Number of visitors to your site
  •  Locations of the visitors
  •  How often they visit your site
  •  Detailed data about the activity of your site

How are the features of Webalizer?

This analytic tool will give you data regarding the visitor’s activity in the form of graphs and tables in HTML format for viewing with browsers. It can process and analyze data at a relatively fast pace say 70, 000 records per seconds. This is quite an advanced analytic tool that performs the following:

  •  Analyze log files in different sizes
  •  Displays usage by site, referrer, browser, username, URL and other pertinent information.
  •  Can handle the Standard Common Log File Format server logs
  •  Supports both iPv4 and iPv6 addresses
  •  Supports many languages

What is the AWStats?

Same with Webalizer, the Advanced Web Statistics lists site’s activity and visitor’s statistics which are presented through graphs and tables. This is also a tool that will let you know the activities of your site such as the visitors, hits, keywords used to find your site and other important data which have something to do with your site.

What are the services offered by FatCow?

With its introduction in 1998, FatCow has ever since then became one of the trusted web hosting providers. Its quality services are directed to websites owned by small to medium business owners since FatCow provides shared type of hosting. It also prides itself as a hosting provider to deliver quality services at affordable prices. Here’s the list of what FatCow can offer:

  •  Free domain for a year
  •  Lets you handle multiple domains in a single account
  •  Unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth necessary for your site be fully functional and run smooth.
  •  Web builders with extensive collection of themes and templates
  •  Support E- commerce site
  •  Web hosting control panel
  •  Unlimited MySQL databases
  •  Content Management software
  •  27/7 support group availability

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