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“Definitely targeted to newbies. Reports show the hosting is fast, but customer support may be slow.”

web hosting hub review

WebHostingHub is fairly new in the web hosting service scene. This provider has only been in operation for around twelve years. But, just like older hosting companies, WebHostingHub has already made a name for itself.

It is known as a solid service provider to personal and small business websites. They specialize in hosting blog websites so their features target this particular industry. This company boasts that any person can create a website and put it online in a matter of minutes after signing up for their plan. Their sole shared hosting plan offers unlimited resources and other common features. One reason why many clients choose WebHostingHub is because the company offers a choice between two data centers. As many know, proximity to a data center can affect the website’s performance. By allowing their customers to choose the nearer data center, their subscribers get to enjoy higher efficiency. For a special price of $3.99 a month, this is already a good enough deal for those looking for hosting with basic features.

It is important to state that this is a promotional price. The regular rate for the plan is $4.95. This is still much cheaper than the promotional rates of other companies.

web hosting hub reviews

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Features & ease of use

It is now so common for hosting providers to have plans with unlimited features like disk space, ftp accounts, bandwidth, databases, and email addresses. This is what you will get when you sign up with webhostinghub. On top of these, you will also get:

icon8 • Access to advanced security systems with suphp
Peace of mind for webmaster comes from the knowledge that his website is secure against any attack. This is one feature that whh or WebHostingHub is proud of.

icon9 • Freebies for web ads
Your website will not survive unless you get many visitors. Posting ads on strategic locations can help you do this. Whh gives their customers up to $75 worth of credits to use on yahoo!, bing, and google ad words.

icon10• Free domain transfer or registration
If you have an existing registered domain name, you can move it to your WebHostingHub account free of charge. The company will also shoulder the registration expenses for your first domain name if ever you have yet to register one.

icon1• Access to a premium site builder
In most companies, when they give you access to a site builder, you only get the basic version. If you want to create a more complex website, you would need to pay extra.

With webhostinghub, you get to use the premium version at no extra cost. With webhostinghub, you get to use the premium version at no extra cost. This means you get access to more templates, themes, and tools to make your website visually appealing and very functional.



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Just like other companies, whh promises that their uptime will stay above 99%. They constantly upgrade their systems and use only the latest and fastest servers and other hardware to ensure great performance. Their system is under constant monitoring so that any problem can be easily detected and solved without causing service interruption.


Customer & technical support

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If you wish to contact the support crew of webhostinghub, you can use the typical options: phone, email, or live chat. If you are starting out and do not know where to begin, you can go to their official website and read through their hosting guide in order to get your bearings. Their knowledgebase also houses numerous articles and video tutorials to help you with common issues.


The final verdict


The only disadvantage that can be perceived when signing up with WebHostingHub is that they only offer shared hosting through linux. This is not a problem if you plan on creating a small website. However, if you want a dedicated server or vps, or should your website developer require the use of a windows based server, you may need to look for another hosting company.



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  1. Reply
    jokah January 4, 2016 at 4:03 am

    Yea they’re worthless, I am a former employee, and you guys do not realize the hoops we have to jump through there. Legal as we used to call them are some of the most unprofessional there is, and they do not respond to your request right off. The support staff is taxed to death, when I tell you it’s a slave driver environment that’s exactly what it is.

  2. Reply
    Damien Cat February 21, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    It sounds like you had a good experience and I’m happy for you. It went quite wrong instead for me and I’d like to share my experience and opining with potential customers.

    I have been a webhostinghub customer for a few months and 3 days ago they lost some critical database information. Since then I’ve been wasting my time in emails back and forth – the issue is not yet resolved.

    On average they have been taking more than 6 hours to answer my emails, and they do so with poor and irrelevant answers, most of the times from a new person – I’M SO FRUSTRATED!! 3 days and counting to solve a critical issue… This is not the kind of customer service I expect. Not only they failed in the first place and lost precious information, but also they were not able to handle it appropriately and sort out the issue which is very concerning. “Fire tests gold”: you can tell good services by the manner in which they manage crisis.

    I would advise anyone AGAINST using Web Hosting Hub. I very rarely post negative reviews but I’m so unhappy and I don’t want to experience the same frustration.

    Any leads on who to use instead are most welcome – thank you

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