How to Process Credit Card Payments on WebHostingHub?

Can I use my credit card to pay my WebHostingHub plan?

Definitely yes, all clients can use their credit cards to pay for their WebHostingHub plans. This feature comes supported by WebHostingHub to make it easier for their clients to process their payments through the internet. To top it all, WebHostingHub even offers a feature that allows their clients to view and even print their receipts including their renewal dates. However, uses a different approach when it comes to credit card payments as they utilize or use their Account Management Panel or AMP.

What is an Account Management Panel (AMP)?

An Account Management Panel is a panel that is incorporated in your account which serves are a launching pad in accessing the tools that are needed or is related in the management of your hosting account with WebHostingHub. Additionally, it is mainly used to process and manage the billing and the domain management aspects of your WebHostingHub account.

How can I process my Credit Card Payment on WebHostingHub?

In order to process your credit card payments with WebHostingHub, you need to use the Account Management Panel (AMP) as it is the panel that is used by WebHostingHub to manage and process payments. Almost all financial and billing transactions can be done through the AMP. However, the company also accepts payments through PayPal, if and only if, you bill is in excess of $50.

To start the billing process, you need to contact the billing department so that they can send you a payment request. The billing department can be reached through or by phone 877-595-4482 x4 from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. -11 p.m. EST (5 a.m to 8 p.m. PST).

How can I login into my AMP?

Before you can start using your Account Management Panel or AMP, you need to be logged into it. To login, you need to:

  •  You need to access the AMP login page by visiting WebHostingHub’s home page ( and by clicking the Login button.
  •  If you are the first time AMP user, you need to click the “click here” link that can be found on the paragraph on the left side of your screen.
  •  Fill in the required information on the spaces provided and then click the Submit button.
  •  Check your registered email account to see if you already received the link for resetting your password. Once received, click the link and reset the password by following the instructions provided in the page. Click the Submit button and then you shall see a login link which you need to click in order to be brought to the login screen.
  •  Login using your email and password.
  •  When your email and password are accepted, you should be logged-in into your Account Management Panel.

Can I update my Billing and Contact info using AMP?

Yes, your Billing and Contact Information can be modified and edited through your Account Management Panel. Basically, it is recommended to keep these information updated as it is very vital in uninterrupted service especially when it comes to account renewals and when the company needs to send vital notifications to their client. To update your Billing and Contact Information, you need to:

  •  First, you need to login to your AMP.
  •  Once logged in, navigate through the main screen and look for the Manage my Account section where you should find several icons. Look for the Contact Information icon and select it by clicking.
  •  Clicking the icon brings you to another page where you can see your current contact information. If you do find some information that are already irrelevant, edit the information by clicking on the Edit Contact Information button.
  •  The screen will then allow you to edit all the information that are found on the information fields that need to be edited. Edit and change any data you need to change and then click on the Save Changes button. This action should effectively update your Billing and Contact Information.

What other things do I need to know about online card processing?

This paragraph does not only concern payments to and processed through WebHostingHub but shall cover all other websites and web hosting providers as well. When you make online purchases or make financial transactions online, you need to be aware that you can actually utilize five individual components and which you need to which these components is supported by the website or provider you are purchasing from. These components are:

  •  You can use the Credit Card or Debit Card, one of the most widely used processes over the internet.
  •  The Shopping Cart – Almost all hosting providers support or provide a number of shopping carts in their hosting packages. These carts collect the required order details along with your credit or debit card as a mode for payment.
  •  The Payment Gateway – Payment gateways, such as PayPal and AcceptSafe, are also widely used in the internet.
  •  The Internet Merchant Account – The Internet Merchant Account involves fund verification of your credit or debit card. Once fund availability is verified, transactions are then approved.
  •  The Checking Account- Approved transactions are placed in Checking Account which can be withdrawn anytime through Automate Teller Machines or ATM.

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