How to Set Up a Shopping Cart on WebHostingHub

How to Set Up a Shopping Cart on WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub is a company that offers quality web hosting services to brick and mortar business owners that are planning on selling their products online. This is done by the inclusion of a customer service that are available for 24 hours every day of the year. WebHostingHub is already in operations since 2001and is therefore considered to be a reliable and affordable web host service provider.

The most popular WebHostingHub service package offered is the shopping cart service for online sellers of businesses. There are two ways to design the shopping cart, which are through the:

  •  Beginner tutorial
  •  Intermediate tutorial

But the ease of setting up the shopping cart are based on the skill and preference of the online business owner, which are through:

  •  Using Softaculous
  •  Manual Installation

There are additional instructions on how to Login to the Admin Panel and to change or resetthe Shopping Cart Password.

Using Softaculous

Softaculous is an easy software installer included in the control panel or cPanel that is under the Software/Services menu. The number of automated software installations are too numerous to check one by one since it has 280included softwares. This makes it harder for a beginner to look for and thus the easiest way is to look or search for the “Zen Cart” name before clicking the Enter key of the keyboard.

Click the “Zen Cart”open to open its own installation instruction page. “Zen Cart” is an open-sourced e-commerce software that is available for free for different web host service providers. There are four options available at the upper right hand corner of the webpage, which includes Install, Overview, Features, and Import.button to open the Software Setup menu, which lists thevarious options needed by the online business owner. One of the most crucial option is “Choose Protocol” since it offers the https addresses that will be used for the business SSL. Some of these includes http://, https://, http://www., and https://www. The preferred information must be placed inside the fields before the Install button is clicked. A message will open stating that the software was successfully installed as well as its summary.

Manual Installation
The first step is to download the “Zen Cart” software from the official Zen Cart website using the “Download Now” button. The version options available is located at the front page of the website along with the download button.
Look for the file on the computer and uncompress the downloaded “Zen Cart” file into a specific subdirectory. The purpose of this is to prevent the necessary files from being forgotten when these files are uploaded to the personal web host provider folder or sub folder. If the files to be uploaded are to be placed in the main domain, then these needs to be placed under public_html. If the software is to be placed on the addon domain, then the files need to be transferred to public_html/

The permissions need to be modified for the 2 files and this is done by setting it to 755:/admin/includes/configure.php and /includes/configure.php
The business website owner will need to create a database and database user to the database using the MySQL database wizard within the cPanel. The business owner will need to create a database name, username, and password, which will need to be written.

Access and Completion of the Setup
The business owner will need to type if the Zen Cart is uploaded to the main domain folder.

Click the Zen Cart Setup to open the page, before clicking Continue to proceed. A set of terms and conditions will be opened so that the business owner will read and agree before clicking the Continue button. The next step is to click the Install option after Zen Cart okays the computer to be used.
Database Setup and Completion

Input of the business owner’s database information is placed in the Database Setup menu. After the selections, the Save Database Settings button is clicked, which is located at the bottom of the page. The System Setup Menu will open to provide the summary of the Server/Site settings along with the SSL Details. The business owner will need to check the settings before clicking the Save System Settings button, which is also located at the page bottom.

The next step of the installation is the Store Setup menu so that the store name, store owner, store owner email, store country, store zone, store address, default language, default currency, and store demo is chosen. The Save Store Settings button is clicked so that the Administrator Account Setup opens. The administrator username, admin password, and admin email address is required for this setup. The purpose of the admin email address is so that the business owner will be able to change or reset the password in case it is forgotten. After the fields are filled in, the Save Admin Settings button is clicked.

The Zencart folder in the cPanel must be later renamed in order to avoid security risks. This is located by using FTP or file manager. The Zen Cart software is already successfully installed in the website so that the business products can now be inputted.

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