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Can I start a blog with WebHostingHub?

Of course, you can definitely start a blog with your WebHostingHub account. In fact, getting your blog online with WebHostingHub’s blog hosting is a good choice simply because of the tools that the company offers to its clients. All you need to do is to choose the blogging tool of your preference and let the other tools, such as the 1-Click Installer complete the job for you. Whatever blogging tool you prefer to use, whether WordPress or b2evolution, it is guaranteed that you will it very easy to customize your blog. You can easily customize the themes according to your taste and needs including the skins, plugins and widgets. You just have to install the necessary add-ons you need from the control panel and you should be ready to customize your blog.

What should I do to start a blog with WebHostingHub?

Before you can start using your blog or posting contents and article to your blog, you need to install the blogging platform that you are to use in blogging. WebHostingHub provides two blogging platforms that you can choose from. One of these is WordPress, which is the more commonly used yet has simpler but powerful features while the other is b2evolution, which is usually recommended for multiple platforms. However, before you can use any of them, you need to install and configure it in your account to enjoy its powerful features.

How to install WordPress using 1-Click Installation?

The following are the steps in starting a blog with WebHostingHub using 1-Click Installation:

  •  First, you need to login to your hosting account.
  •  Then find the link to open your Cpanel or control panel. Once found select it by clicking.
  •  With WebHostingHub, you can install WordPress using two process, either by:
  •  Clicking the Install WordPress icon; or
  •  Clicking the Fantastico De Luxe icon.
  •  Click any of these two icons and you will be taken to fantastic. Once there, choose the domain where you want to install WordPress on. You also have the option to install it in a sub-directory. All you need to do is to fill the space provided with the name of the directory you want to install it to. However, if you do not want to install it in a sub-directory, you simply leave the sub-directory space blank.
  •  Fill in the Admin Access Data. Make sure that you are contented with your username as you cannot simply change it once it is installed.
  •  Next, enter a nickname. This, unlike the username, can be changed after the installation is complete. Then enter the e-mail address where you want to receive the confirmation and the installation details after the installation is complete. Then enter a site name and description. Both can also be changed after the installation.
  •  Finish by clicking the Install WordPress button on the bottom of the page. Fantastico should by now process your installation request. Installation should be complete within a minute.
  •  Then you need to click the Finish Installation button.
  •  After the installation is completed, you should receive a confirmation e-mail as well as the URL which you need to login to your WordPress website, which can be recovered in the e-mail address you provided.

What are the reasons why I should let WebHostingHub host my blog?

Although you have the freedom to have your blog site hosted by any hosting companies, there are a good number of reasons why hosting your site with WebHostingHub is a good choice. This is specially true when your blog starts to grow exponentially and needs to expand. The following are the reasons why WebHostingHub is a good choice:

  •  The WebHostingHub hosting package is packed with powerful features and useful tools and resources that you can definitely use in your blog. This includes:
  •  Unlimited disk space;
  •  Unlimited monthly data transfer;
  •  Unlimited FTP Accounts;
  •  Unlimited MySQL databases;
  •  Dual PHP; and
  •  cPanel
  •  It is among the cheapest in the market which means you can start and manage your blog in a relatively lesser cost. Its promotional offer of $1.90 per month for the first three months plus the $3.99 per month for the succeeding months is among the most generous offer now found in the market.
  •  It is known for its excellent reliability, greater stability and uptime guarantee.
  •  WebHostingHub is well recognized for its speed and high performance with the use of their state-of-the-art technology in their data centers.
  •  It has superb and top of the line, high standard technical support.
  •  It offers a 90 day full money back guarantee to its clients. It even offers an anytime prorated money back guarantee should you wish to cancel your account after the 90 day period has elapsed.

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