Transferring of your website from BlueHost to WebHostingHub

Can I Transfer My BlueHost-Hosted Website to Web Hosting Hub?

If you already have a website hosted by BlueHost and you somehow want to transfer it to a different web host provider like Web Hosting Hub, the company would be glad to accommodate and be of service to you.

WHHWeb Hosting Hub (or The Hub for short) is one of the best and most trusted web hosting companies that support and help clients with the process of transferring or migrating their website by offering free services. To top it off, they offer a “no downtime transfer process”, which means that your website will never experience any downtime while the actual transfer process is taking place.

You don’t have to worry about transferring your site from BlueHost to Web Hosting Hub because it’s simple and easy. It may take a little bit of time for the entire process to finish but the process itself isn’t rocket science.

The most common method of transferring your site is by downloading your old files and date with the help of an FTP client, and then uploading them into Web Hosting Hub.

Why Choose Web Hosting Hub?

There are a lot of reasons people decide to transfer their website(s) to a different web hosting company. These reasons vary, some of which could even affect the future of the website and maybe even the company itself.

BestAs to why you should choose Web Hosting Hub from among the hundreds of web hosting companies in the industry, the answer is that this company is one of the leading providers of quality web hosting services, especially in terms of speed and reliability. It’s the top choice for many website owners and web developers, thanks to their top-notch customer support and ultra-fast servers – factors that are very important to webmasters. All of these, plus many other cool and useful features, are included in their hosting plans – and they come at a very competitive price. This gives Web Hosting Hub the necessary edge over other web hosting companies.

What You Need to Know Before You Transfer Your Website to Web Hosting Hub

There are some things you need to know before considering transferring your website from BlueHost to Web Hosting Hub, and that includes the following:

  • The transfer process is only applicable to domains with .com, .net, .org, .biz,. .us, and .info extensions;
  • That the whole transfer process could last up to 10 days;
  • You cannot make any changes to the WHOIS information, meaning no more contact changes, no name servers/DNS changes once the transfer has started;
  • You cannot transfer an account that has not yet lapsed the 60-day period for newly created domains and 45-day period for renewed domains.If your domain applies to any of these two, it is highly recommended that you wait for the 60-day or 45-day period to end before you transfer your site.
  • Migrating to a different web hosting provider will only transfer the domain and will not, in any way, affect your databases or your site’s files and other important information.

Transferring Your Website from BlueHost to Web Hosting Hub

Transferring your website away from BlueHost requires you to follow a few simple steps. These steps should work wherever you choose to transfer your site.

  1. Log in to your BlueHost control panel.
  1. Click on Domain Manager.
  1. Click on the domain name to highlight it. Tabs will appear on the right side of the screen.
  1. From the LOCK tab, unlock the domain.
  1. Turn off privacy settings on the PRIVACY
  1. Modify the name servers in the NAME SERVERS tab in order to point your website to the new name servers.
[Note: Do not do this unless you are ready for ALL services to point to the new server.]
  1. From the TRANSFER EPP tab, get the EPP/Authorization Code.You need to give this code to Web Hosting Hub during the transfer process.
  1. Make sure that the contact information is correct and updated.This can be done through the CONTACTS This information includes details for the Registrant, Admin and Billing. The admin contact email needs to be updated since a confirmation mail will be sent via email, along with the authorization code and the temporary URL.
  1. From the Domain Manager, click the domain you want to transfer, and then click the TRANSFER EPP You should see two links on the page: one to approve the transfer and the other to deny it.
[Note: If you cannot find the links, it could mean that Web Hosting Hub has not sent a transfer request to your email address.]
  1. Click on the tab approving the transfer. The transfer process should begin immediately.The whole transfer process may take up to 3 days minimum.

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