If you’re looking to build a website, then you essentially have two options – you can hire a professional or you can build the website on your own. Building your own website isn’t as difficult as it sounds, especially when you use an online website builder. If you’re like most business owners, bloggers, and marketing professionals, one of your main challenges is choosing the right website builder for your needs.

Fortunately, this review may help you make your decision. WebsiteBuilder is one of the newest website builders on the web. Founded and launched in 2015, WebsiteBuilder is generally a very strong website building service. Below is an overview of what you can expect, including the good, the bad, and the questionable.

The Process of Building a Website on WebsiteBuilder: Very Easy

There are many important points that come into play when choosing a website building service. But before you do anything, it is necessary to understand how easy the process is to implement. According to WebsiteBuilder, there are three easy steps to building your website.

Step 1: Choose a design

The first step is to choose a design. Choosing a design entails going through thousands of templates and picking one that suits your needs. All in all, this step is a simple one.  

Step 2: Edit your website

The ease of building your website continues. WebsiteBuilder has a feature where you can edit the website by adding images, content, and the like. The straightforward tools make editing the website extremely simple. To edit the website, WebsiteBuilder has what is known as a “drop-and-drag editor.” This editor enables you to choose the features you want to add to your website, click on those features, and drag them onto the webpage template that you’ve already chosen. With this editing feature, you can get your website started in a matter of minutes.

Step 3: Publish the final product

Finally, once you have everything organized on your WebsiteBuilder template, the website allows you to publish the site. When it comes to the domain name, Websitebuilder allows you to use their domain or to purchase one for a more unique site.

Essentially, when looking at the three easy website building steps above, WebsiteBuilder should certainly be recognized for its ease of use. If you want to change or edit your website, the service also allows you to achieve that effortlessly.

Custom Templates: There are Thousands of Options

For most individuals searching to build a website, the starting point is the template. On WebsiteBuilder, you have thousands of templates available for your website. Templates are divided by category, which makes choosing the right template for your website easy.

In addition, another positive feature of WebsiteBuilder’s template section is that when going through the templates, you can click on “preview.” The preview option opens up a new window that allows you see firsthand how the template looks as a full website. With WebsiteBuilder’s template feature, the only concern you may have is finding the right template among thousands of options.

Free Domain Name: Through WebsiteBuilder

When you create a website on WebsiteBuilder, you also have the opportunity to get a free domain name. Most users have mentioned that the domain name automatically set up, there are no hidden fees or charges involved, and everything is completely secure.

With the high level of security and reliability of WebsiteBuilder’s domain, you can feel confident that your website will not face downtime or slow loading.

Free SEO Tools

“Free” is always a good word to hear when it comes to a product or service, and WebsiteBuilder tends to use it a lot. Another free feature that you get when registering with WebsiteBuilder is SEO tools.

For those who are new to the process of building a website, SEO tools are an extremely handy resource that you should be looking for in a website building service. SEO tools enable you to analyze who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, what links they are clicking on to reach your website, how long they are visiting your website, and what keywords they are searching to visit your site.

Free Business Email

Last free feature, and a good one at that. WebsiteBuilder also provides its users with a free business email that they can use for their website and which they can also attach to their site. The free email makes managing your business or blog related emails much easier. In addition, you can choose your email on your own rather than have the website generate one for you.

Optimization: Not at the Maximum Level

An optimized website is a website that is compatible with not only your computer, but also with your tablet or mobile device. A fully optimized device is easy to navigate, it includes the important features, and it enables the user to use the website just as they would need to.

WebsiteBuilder does optimize the website, but according to the site, it only lists optimization for mobile devices. The lack of optimization for tablet devices can make it difficult for tablet users to access your site and get what they need. Therefore, if you expect much of your audience to use a tablet when visiting your site, then you may want to think about your decision to use WebsiteBuilder.

Social Media Integration

Social media is one of the most widely used platforms on the web, whether the social media is Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Having a website that can be shared on these social media platform and that can present your social media account on its page is integral to the success of your blog, business, or otherwise.

WebsiteBuilder does a great job in the area of social media. All websites created on WebsiteBuilder allow you to integrate your social media accounts onto the webpage and vice versa. Essentially, you can feature buttons to your social media accounts and you can also link your website to your social media pages to improve lead generation to your page.

Google Analytics: A Free Version

Another strong component of any website building service that WebsiteBuilder integrates into their platform is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the basis of any successful website. With a Google Analytics feature, you can add a Google Analytics Code that allows you to view the traffic to your website in depth. The thorough analysis of your website’s visitors and performance can help you make decisions for your site and improve its performance over time.

Once you have chosen a Google Analytics feature, WebsiteBuilder makes it extremely easy to integrate into your webpage. All you need to do is access your stats page and once you find the stats page, add it under the marketing section of your site.

Keep in mind that while you do get free Google Analytics for your website through WebsiteBuilder, this service is the free version. If you want a more advanced form of Google Analytics, then you’ll need to purchase it. This is not something that is mentioned upfront, making it a bit misleading for users.

Customer Support: Medium Support

WebsiteBuilder does offer support for its users, but the support team cannot be reached through any other method aside from email. The good news though is that the support team does answer emails promptly and they also provide you with a thorough answer, ensuring that your issue is quickly taken care of.

In addition to the customer support team, WebsiteBuilder also features an extensive library of how-to guides, billing support, and pages of frequently asked questions. Lastly, if you don’t have the patience to read through the guides, then the website building tool has integrated sections that can help you learn how to build your website as you are going through the experience.

Ultimately, despite not getting customer support over the phone, there are other features in place to ensure that your needs are being met.

Pricing: Reasonable, Sort Of

Pricing is an important feature for anyone. Generally, WebsiteBuilder’s pricing structure is reasonable. Below are the three structures that are available:

  • Personal: The personal package starts at $5.99/mo. With the personal package, users get 1GB of storage, 10MB of file upload, and 2GB bandwidth.
  • Pro: The pro package starts at $9.95/mo. With the pro package, users get 5GB of storage, 25MB of file upload, 10 GB bandwidth, mobile optimization, and ad credits.
  • Premium: The premium package starts at $15.95/mo. With this package, users get 10GB of storage, 50MB file upload, unlimited bandwidth, mobile optimization, ad credits, favicon, and priority support.

Point of Concern in Pricing: While the pricing structure may seem fair, keep in mind that the prices say “start at.” Essentially, packages can cost much more than their advertised number. In addition, many of the features discussed above throughout the review require payment. For example, with the “personal” package, your website will not be mobile optimized. In addition, while every user is entitled to support, not everyone is going to get priority support, which requires premium membership.

The Disadvantages

Other than the disadvantage mentioned in the pricing section, another disadvantage is that while WebsiteBuilder does offer many features, none of the features are really unique or special. As a result, you may be inclined to look at other website building services for your need.

Another concern that has appeared among users is that WebsiteBuilder has offered upgrades to users at a higher cost, but without fully explaining what the upgrades are. In addition, canceling a paid account can be a bit difficult since the site requires constant confirmations that the cancellation is really something that you want to do.


All in all, if you are looking for a simple, easy to use, and manageable website building service for a blog or a product, then WebsiteBuilder is a good option. It is just important to keep in mind the concerns that users have had regarding the website building service and to also realize what features you are getting per package.  If you’re looking for something more advanced, established in the website building arena, and at a better price point, then there are still other options out there that may be exactly what you are looking for – all you need to do is to keep looking around.

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