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What is Green Hosting?

Among the greatest energy consumers nowadays is the web hosting industry. One simply needs to imagine the energy needed to power up large servers that are needed to keep websites up and running on a daily basis. This consideration has not even taken into account the energy needed to power the computers that are used by the end-users. Taking this consideration on a worldwide scale, one can just imagine the amount of fuel needed to provide the energy needed by the hosting industry alone. With the increase in the amount of the fuel burned daily, the amount of gases and other forms of by-products and pollutants also increases proportionately. This brings the question of how damaging can be the impact of the hosting industry to the environment.

With the worldwide concern of protecting the environment as well as conserving the dwindling supply of our fossil fuels and other energy sources, thinkers are hard-pressed into finding possible solutions to the problem. Among the solutions found to lessen the impact is Green Hosting. Green hosting is basically defined as hosting through ways that is considered environmentally friendly. Generally, there are two ways of Green Hosting. One is for the hosting company to use renewable energy sources to power up its servers. Among the commonly used technology are the use of solar panels which harnesses the power of the sun to produce energy, the use of wind turbines which relies on the power of the wind to produce the energy and the use of geothermal energy to produce the power needed to keep their servers up and running as well as provide for the other ancillary needs of the company. Another way of Green Hosting is for the hosting company to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates. Having purchased one means that the company is investing money in producing eco-friendly power either through solar or wind energy. Though they may not have produced the renewable power itself, they are in effect helping produce green, renewable energy through the purchase of the certificate.

Is WebHostingHub a Green Company?

It does not necessarily mean that once a company has already bought a Renewable Energy Certificate that it is truly a Green Hosting Company. Green Hosting is not about certificates but about the core values of the company. The WebHostingHub is among those issued the Green Hosting Certification for its efforts to help reduce the carbon footprints of their company. Though they may not have produced the renewable energy itself, the company is making a serious concentrated effort to reduce the carbon footprints of their data centers. One of the major steps they took is by partnering with the Trees For the Future where the company plants trees to compensate for the power they used to run their servers. They also implemented a policy of reducing their waste while at the same time promoting the recycling of their used products. The company has also implemented a policy of not using paper products whenever possible and to recycle the use of such whenever able.

Through these actions, the WebHostingHub hosting company is issued the Green Hosting Certification.

Why should I choose Green Hosting?

With today’s concern over the impact of Global Warming possibly brought about by mankind’s use of pollutants and other forms of gases, it is very important for websites to choose Green Hosting companies. Choosing a Green Hosting company gives you the chance to:

  •  Help reduce the carbon footprint that the hosting industry is producing.
  •  Demonstrate that you are a responsible company and is intent on helping save the environment.
  •  Serve as an example for people that running a business or industry is not just about money and profit; and that
  •  It helps you build client loyalty for the actions you have done for the environment.

What are the advantages of choosing a Green Hosting company?

Choosing a Green Hosting company brings about a number of advantages. Among these are the following:

  •  You will be doing your part in helping save the environment from further degradation and help prevent or low down global warming. This is because you help reduce the emission of harmful gases and other forms of pollutants into the environment.
  •  With the public being aware of your effort to help save the environment, you will be attracting a lot more customers who are also conscious about saving the environment. This is because you are not only offering them quality service but at the same time promoting environmental care and protection. This helps build up your company’s reputation as a company that care more on the environment rather than just after some profit.
  •   You will be able to save money from your operating cost as a result of the savings you get from paying less for the power requirement.This could eventually translate into lesser monthly cost from the hosting provider because of the power that they generate themselves. While the initial amount could be a bit high, the savings you get in long run could greatly outweigh the high cost of the upfront bill.

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