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WebHostingHub offers services to Do-It-Yourself kind of clients that have some skills in setting up sites with the use of control panel and some other features. It also caters to clients that would like to learn how to use web hosting accounts.

It offers a hassle-free web hosting package with excellent customer assistance at a reasonable price. WebHostingHub is one of the most reliable web hosting providers who gives first-class service quality with a relatively affordable price on today’s market.

What are the advantages of WebHostingHub against other web hosts?

WebHostingHub is a web hosting service provider that caters to both personal and business websites. They focus on web hosting blog sites because some of their features aim to provide for this particular industry. They give clients simple instructions in setting up a website through the use of the website builder tool and other blog engines like WordPress, Joomla, and etc. that allows these clients to set up their website at a very short span of time. It also enables the clients to manage their website more efficiently. They also give value to customer care andtechnical support. WebHostingHub also provides excellent PHP support. It is also recognized for great database hosting.

What is a PHP?

PHP is an acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor. It describes a scripting language that is generally used for developing and expanding complex websites. It functions and gives commands to the web server and does not allow access of other users to your browser. It is also free and can be used by anyone. PHP is one of the most ordinarily used scripting languages by web hosts because of its compatibility with most internet browsers, web servers and website management systems. This kind of scripting language is also used by WebHostingHub.

What are the benefits of using WebHostingHub?

WebHostingHub offers high-quality web hosting services in creating their websites. Its general features include the following:

  •  cPanel Control Panel
  • Webhosting accounts include cPanel 11 in their services. This is the most extensively used web host control panel due to its ease of use and facility.
  •  Access to security systems
  • Security systems are one of the important features that customers must seek for when looking for a good web hosting service provider. If you are looking for a web hosting service provider, make sure that they have advanced security systems. Having advanced security systems gives the client confidence that his website is not prone to any virus or attack.
  •  Unrestrictedand free domain transfer or registration
  • If a client has an existing domain name, he can move it to his WebHostingHub account without any charge. WebHostingHub will also take on other registration expenses that the client may have incurred in making a new domain name.
  •  Blog software support
  • WebHostingHub alsooffers support to blog software. It gives instructions for an easy installation of WordPress,the most famous and commonly used blogging site that facilitates easy setup, template designs and onfiguration of blog. It is also easy to maintain.
  •  Freebies for web ads
  • A website, in order to prosper, must obtain many visitors. The use of web ads is one strategy that most providers employ in disseminating information about their websites. WebHostingHub provides up to $75 worth of acclaims to customers when using web ads.
  •  Access to a website builder
  • WebHostingHub offers premium access to a website builder. This gives the customers opportunity to create a complex website without extra cost. They can access more prototypes, tools, themes and templates that can help their website look more interesting and become more efficient.The performance of their web servers isalso known to be fast, efficient and reliable.
  • What other specifications are included in WebHostingHub?
  •  Has automatic site backups
  •  Contains web analytics tool
  •  Ecommerce ready
  •  Includes email addresses
  •  Uses MySQL databases
  •  Contains unlimited bandwidth capacity and disk storage
  •  Offers a 90-day money back guarantee
  •  Provides all-day and year-long customer service assistance

What is the extent of the customer care provided by WebHostingHub?

One vital component in website hosting services is providing the clients with excellent customer care and assistance. Responsiveness in terms of technical support is also a key factor. WebHostingHub considers the clients as the most important aspect of the company. Without them, the company would not be able to progress and develop. This is the reason why most web hosting providers give utmost customer care and assistance.

WebHostingHubensures almost a hundred percent server up time and whole dayassistance and screening. If you wish to move your domain and website to another host, their technicians will help you in the process. They extend help as soon as necessary.The company also use Dell Servers. These servers have all beentried and built with new and further hardware and software.

WebHostingHub offers all-day and all-year customer assistance in various means like e-mail, telephone lines, and live chat and discussions.

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