Does WebHostingHub Work On iPhone and iPad?

Does WebHostingHub Work On iPhone and iPad?

A lot of people now take their businesses with them when they are on the go. This means that they need to get access to their websites, online stores and quite simply but more importantly, their emails while far from their office. The good news is that most webhosting companies now support mobile device compatibility, which basically means that businesses can now be brought wherever webmasters, clients and customers go.
A few years back, bringing their businesses with them means that businessmen need to find computer terminals in their hotels where they can get into their virtual business world through their desktop computers. Still a few years later, mobility took another meaning as desktop computers gave way to laptop computers which brought more advantages than their desktop counterparts as laptops are more mobile and has wireless connection capabilities. However, the age of mobile computing and mobile business now has a more apt meaning as mobile computing has become more mobile than ever before, that is with the advent of smart phone and its counterparts.

WebHostingHub is among the number of webhosting companies that support and has mobile device compatibility, more particularly with iPhone and iPad. Yes, you heard me right, WebHostingHub is compatible to iPhone and iPad and other iOS based devices.

How shall I setup my iPhone and iPad to receive emails via WebHostingHub?

If you are an owner of an iPad or and iPhone, you can check and read your emails through your mobile device. However, in order for your device to receive your emails, you need to setup and configure your device. The following guide is for setting up of iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

  •  On your device’s home screen, look for the Settings icon, which is typically represented by an icon with three gears and select it by clicking.
  •  Once inside the Setting screen, look for the Mails, Contacts, Calendars and once again select it by clicking.
  •  On the Mails, Contacts, Calendars screen, click the Add Account which should take you to a screen with a number of email services to choose from. Select the Other tab which should be found at the bottom of the screen.
  •  Then under the Mail section, select the Add Mail Account.
  •  Fill in the necessary and required information on the boxes provided in the New Account section. The Address shall be your full email address and the password shall be the corresponding password for that email account.
  •  As soon as the information is submitted, your iPhone or iPad should look up for the account and process the settings then should automatically bring you to the next screen.
  •  You will then be asked to choose between IMAP or POP but being a mobile device, it is recommended that you choose IMAP. The reason for this is that emails are not stored on the iPhone/iPad.
  •  On the Incoming Mail Server section, enter the required information. Host name should take the following form: The ## should be represented by the server number. The server number can be found in your hostname. For instance your hostname is, your server number then is 25. Username should be your full email address and the password the corresponding password for that account.
  •  Then, under the Incoming Mail Server, once again, you need to enter the same information that you entered before.
  •  The click on the Save button which should be found on the upper right corner of the screen.
  •  After clicking Save, your iOS device should process the information and once processed, your device should now be ready to receive emails.

Is my iPhone or iPad compatible to run an online store?

Definitely Yes! Your iPhone or iPad is compatible to run an online using the PrestaShop Mobile Store. In fact, it is not necessary to have a separate PrestaShop Mobile Store version in order to run it on your iOS devices.

What do I need to know about Mobile PrestaShop?

The Mobile PrestaShop is an application that offers the same PrestaShop capabilities used in managing your website or online business. This Mobile PrestaShop application will make it possible for businesses to be managed easily and on the go as well as allows for the creation of applications for your PrestaShop Mobile Store. Among the other features that Mobile PrestaShop offers are:

  •  Mobile PrestaShop Admin – this is an application that is used to manage your PrestaShop store from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. Also available are additional mobile applications that allows administrators to view reports and orders.
  •  MobiCart – The MobiCart is a service that allows for the creation of both iOS and Android applications for the Mobile PrestaShop store.

What other benefits can I get from PrestaShop Mobile?

PrestaShop Mobile also brings along with it a mobile theme switcher which allows you to change themes while on the go. These include modules and themes that are readily available. Applications that should allow you to do this are the:

  •  PrestaShopM;
  •  pMobile template; and the
  •  DevilMobile theme

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