How Much Do Extra Domains Cost On WebHostingHub?

WebHostingHub offers unlimited features on its various hosting plans, which removes the pressure for website owners that worry about resource allocations and monthly quotas. This is because the basic package under WebHostingHub includes:

  •  Free domain name
  •  Cpanel
  •  Ecommerce tools
  •  Free site builder tools
  • Secure email
  •  Shared SSL certificate 

Most small business owners do not need to purchase a dedicated hosting website since they prefer to pay a reasonable amount for a business website. This is the reason why most new business website owners prefer to look at the packages offered by web host providers such as WebHostingHub.

Technological Benefits

WebHostingHubspecializes on website owners that plan to use their websites as blogs or as small businesses. This means that WebHostingHub is able to manage a high number of website domains for multiple individuals. The reason for this is that the web host provider uses optimized Dell servers that offer a 99% uptime guarantee, which is lower than the competitors at 99.99%. However, even with the lower uptime speed, the difference of upload speed is considered to be negligible since WebHostingHub uses multiple data centers. The Dell servers are perceived to be efficient and effective since it uses:

  •  24GB memory chips
  •  24 Intel Core processors
  •  RAID 10 fast storage

Two Main Data Centers

WebHostingHub makes use of two data centers based in Los Angeles, California and Washington, D.C. The reason for this is that it minimizes the need for data to travel a longer route from the web host server to the website owner and their website visitors. The effect of the dual data center is that the speed of the information transfer is increased despite the lower uptime speed. The main advantage of WebHostingHub for a higher number of business owners is that it has a green hosting certification. This means that the energy usage of each data center is considerably lower than those of their nearest competitors even if WebHostingHub uses diesel fuel.

Reliable Customer Service

The main advantage of purchasing a web hosting plan with WebHostingHub is that the customer support team is available for 24 hours a day at seven days a week. Even if the website owner calls at an unusual hour, the customer support staff is still perceived as friendly and supportive to the technical problems of the website owner. The main way to contact the support team is normally by phone but there are other methods of contacts such as:

  •  Email
  •  Online chat 

Using either of the two above contact methods will result in a support ticket so that the website owner can track the resolution of their technical problems or concerns. Unfortunately, there is a downside to a good customer support system since the WebHostingHub website does not offer a frequently asked question page or a support forum. The reason for this is that WebHostingHub encourages website owners to contact them so that the existing technical problem is not further worsened by a wrong diagnosis.

Multiple Domains in a Single Account

The most common problem of a website owner is when they need to expand their current business website into multiple websites. This is readily implemented by the website owner by making use of the multiple domain hosting service within WebHostingHub. The website owner can develop additional websites to target a new market niche by registering the new website under a new domain. An account under WebHostingHub can easily handle numerous websites since the website owner is allowed to add an unlimited amount of domains. Some of the more common ways to do this is by using alternate versions of the main domain name. There are two ways to register a domain name, which are:

  •  To do it on your own
  •  To have the web host provider do it for you 

Unfortunately these domain registration will significant cost at the start since each of the domain names used are required to be registered. The advantage of registering the domain name is that it prevents other people from using the same name. Duplicate domains will be difficult to the website owners since potential visitors may visit the other website instead of yours. The reputation of your business website could be at risk if the other website uses its domain name for fraudulent activities.

Domain Name Costs

The most common rate for an extra domain is at $9.99 per year if this is registered by the website owner. But this is considered to be more time intensive since there are various requirements needed to be given to the registration agency. One alternative is to have the web host provider do the registration for the website owner at a higher rate of only $11.95. The advantage of this higher fee is that the web host provider will be able to do the registration process quicker as well as remind the website owner when its needs to be renewed.

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