Does FatCow Offer A Dedicated IP Address?

There are several types of web hosting provided by different hosting companies. The option you will likely go for depends on the need of your site and of course, your preference as website owner. Looking for a possible host for your site comes after having your domain name registered or you can do this simultaneously.

How to register your domain name?

A domain name actually refers to the name of your website like It is strongly encouraged that you register your domain name to make your site appear credible, this way you can attract more visitors to your site. You can register your domain name through the following:

  •  You can register directly through the ICANN domain registrar. This is the organization appointed by the Government to manage and oversee domain name registration.
  •  You can register through your web hosting company. They can process the registration for you.

Every domain name is assigned with an IP address by your web host to determine the location of your website in the internet.

What is an IP address?

If the name of your site refers the domain name, then the IP address refers to your site’s location. These two go hand in hand. Internet Protocol address is consists of binary numbers which are assigned by your web hosting providers such as FatCow for your site to be accessible online by other computers around the world through a server. IP address can be categorized into two:

 Dedicated IP address

This is a more expensive type than shared. This type is the one utilized by dedicated hosting where only one user leases out the entire server to himself. Dedicated IP address is mainly for big and exclusive companies with data demanding workloads.

 Shared IP address

With this type, several other servers share with the IP address. This is the type utilized by shared hosting where many users share one common server resources for their site. This is more economical compared to dedicated type since the cost is also shared among the users. Ideal for small to medium business operators.

What type of IP address is offered by FatCow?

FatCow operates in the context of shared hosting, which is why they are able to keep an affordable monthly price. FatCow generally offers a shared web hosting services, so basically it does not offer a dedicated IP address. Instead it offers a Virtual Dedicated Server account or VPS account. For you to get one VPS account, you must be an advanced computer user who knows how to operate Linux, root access, and Operating System. Because you will take responsibility over your own software, firewalls, web files, contents, and OS. Each VPS account is assigned with CPU, memory and bandwidth. But VPS mailing accounts will still be administered by FatCow shared hosting. And also, FatCow has the right to terminate a VPS account once listed as spammer.

What FatCow has to offer?

Regardless of its inability to provide dedicated IP address, FatCow has been trusted by many users worldwide. It is a reputable provider for websites owned by small to medium business owners. FatCow’s packages are enriched with features that help improves your site’s maximum functionality and marketability:

  •  Unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth
  •  Free domain for a year
  •  Unlimited MySQL databases
  •  Unlimited domains and sub- domains
  •  Daily server back up
  •  Free themes and templates
  •  Support for eCommerce site
  •  Content Management Software
  •  Web hosting control panel

In shared hosting, unlimited bandwidth and disk space may actually be limited in a way that once your site receives a lot of traffic and is using up much of the server’s resource, at this point you may be billed accordingly or advised to transfer to a more costly package that offers bigger resources.

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