Does FatCow Work On iPhone and iPad?

The world of webhosting has been in demand for almost a decade for it has helped a number of webmasters to manage their websites. Those webhosting companies selected by clients will give the framework or the bread and butter of managing his or her websites and that is the use of a webhosting account. In Fatcow and any hosting provider users will have to register with one or more of them before they can have access to their webhosting accounts. Through their own webhosting accounts, clients will be able to man the configuration and settings of their website themselves. However, it is their chosen webhosting plans that will limit some aspects of their websites such as bandwidth, disk space, free applications and credits etc.
With the rise of webhosting up to present comes the continuous development of new technology. People have gone used to personal computers and laptops and are now drawn to using smaller but more efficient gadgets. And, almost every small gadgets by now function by a touch of our fingertips. People just love anything that’s touch screen. To meet this increase liking of gadgets such as iPhone, iPod, iPad and for the convenience of webmasters, features of webhosting accounts can also be accessed thru those gadgets. Thus clients will be able to manage aspects their websites anywhere and anytime with use of the said gadgets as long as they have internet connection.
Here is an example of setting up access of your website account in your handy gadget. In the case of FatCow, the steps are as easy as the following:

  •  In the home screen of your handy gadget, select the option of Settings. Then you’ll be led to the subsection of Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
  •  From there, click the Add Account. You’ll be given options of accounts. From those choices, select Microsoft Exchange.
  •  In put your Exchange Server Information. This information is found in the main central of your webhosting account. Access this first in your account and get hold of the needed information such as email address, domain, username and password. You’ll need to input same information from the mailbox of your webhosting account to the account in your gadget for it’s the requirement to allow connection on both. Fill up the box for Description as well.
  •  The next steps will be different from the usual since the process is through ActiveSync.
  •  After submitting all the asked information, your device will try to build SSL connection in the Exchange Server. The SSL should be set up first in the Settings of the subsection, Mail, Contacts, Calendar. Since you have added your account, just select that account. Then select Use SSL.
  •  From the Mail, Contacts, Calendar, choose the specific data you would want to coordinate with your exchange server account.
  •  Thus, you’ll be getting that specific data directly in your phone for it has been synchronized. On restriction, however, in using ActiveSync is that you can only synchronize one exchange account.

But if you only want to bother with accessing email from your webhosting account, then these are the steps:

  •  Go to Settings. Select Mail, Contacts,Calendar then click Add account.
  •  Click Other and select Add Mail Account.
  •  Give the necessary information then select Next.
  •  Select IMAP then fill in the information asked in the Ingoing and Outgoing Mail Server. In both of those subsections, you’ll just fill up the same information such as host name, username and password
  •  Click Next.
  •  You can now view your messages from your account directly in your gadget.

Both options of setting up aspects of your webhosting account in your handy gadget will entail you to log in the Main Central of your webhosting account to have the information that is asked of you in the process. To make everything easy in the process of setting up your account, just don’t forget the log in details of your FatCow account.

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