Can I Start A Blog on FatCow?

Yes! 🙂 FatCow makes blogging super-easy with their 1-click WordPress blog setup. Plus…

Besides being the most popular blogging and content management platform in the world, WordPress is very powerful and user-friendly. So let’s say you start a blog today on FatCow, using WordPress. Then later you decide you want to sell something from your site. You can easily add a shop to WordPress for free, and begin taking orders.

Get started today with a blog on FatCow. It’s easy and affordable, and if you change your mind, you can cancel anytime and get your money back because they’re confident in their service.

A blog is an informational or discussion page on the internet that contains a number of posts from the page’s author. The recent post is usually displayed first on a blog site. In the past, the web blog was done by a single author and usually covers a particular subject only. However, these days, a blog site can be made up of a variety of topics or posts that were created and contributed by a number of authors. These Multi-author Blogs, or MABs, are normally from media outlets (newspapers), universities and advocacy groups. Most of the blog sites have made interactive wherein the site viewers can leave their commentaries or point of view about the blog’s topic.

What are the different types of web blog?

Web bloggers create blogs with a purpose in mind. Some blogs were written to act as the blogger’s personal diary on the internet. Whileother blogs purpose is to make the public knowabout this particularbrand or product. Whatever the purpose of the blog may be, the main reasons that they are created is to deliver the author’s or the blogger’s view or stand about a particular topic, to deliver information to others and to encourage feedback or commentary from the site visitors.

The web blogs are made up of text, videos, photos and sometimes, link to another blog page. There are also various forms of blogs and they can be differentiated through its contents and the manner that it was delivered by the author.

Personal Blogs

This type of blog looks like an online diary of a person or the author.


Small portions of the digital content are posted on this type of blog. This content can be made up of short videos, photos, links, text and other forms of media.

Corporate and Organizational Blogs

This blog is normally created for businessreasons. This can be private or published within a company or organization to develop the communication. It can also be made available externally for the purpose of marketing, public relations or branding.

Genre Blogs

This type of blog focuses on a specific topic or subject. Political blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs, legal blogs, art blogs, music blogs and health blogs are some examples of Genre Blogs.

Media Blogs

Various forms of media comprises this blog. A blog that contains videos is referred as vlog andthose that contain photos are called photoblogs.

Device Blogs

The blog can also be classified and named according to the device used to create it. For example, a mobile phone is used to create a blog this could be termed moblog.

Multi-author Blogs

The users make up this type of blog instead of an individual blogger. This means that there are several authors involved for a specific topic or blog.

How can FatCow help you build your blog site?

There are a lot of hosting service providers that can help if you are interested in setting up your blog site. One of the trusted and reliable service providers is FatCow.

FatCow has a number of applications that can help you establish and manage your web blog. If you are into photoblogging, FatCow offers Pixelpost which is an application that can help exhibit and organize your photos like the way they are presented in a diary. Also, through this application, you as an administrator is capable of uploading and tagging your photos. It will also allow you to provide descriptions for each of the photos you uploaded and your site’s visitor can also leave comments to these photos.

How can you install Pixelpost on your blog site?

FatCow has an application called Pixelpost, that anyone who are into photoblogging can benefit from. Installing and using this application can be done by a beginner as it only involves a few easy steps.

  •  The first thing that you need to do is go to your hosting Control Panel, then click Website } Simple Scripts
  •  Next, scroll down the Script List until you see Photo Galleries
  •  From the list of available applications, selectPixelpost by clicking its name link
  •  Finally, click the Install button to start installing the application

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