Any FatCow Hosting Promotion/Discounts?

Are there any promos/discounts available for FatCow right now?

Yes: Right now, you can get FatCow for $49/year just $37.8/year ($3.15 per month).

Rebate is a big factor, especially for those who are just starting their websites. FatCow, a reliable hosting provider, regularly offers coupon codes and discounts to its new customers through a coupon or promo code. Here’s the checklist to obtain the promo code and apply the discount to the plan’s regular rate:

  •  Find a discount coupon or promo code through FatCow’s own website or some discount coupon page.
  •  Once you have the special code, you will also find a link that you need to click to be routed to FatCow’s marketing page.
  •  Double check and ensure that the page matches the discount code that you have
  •  Complete the normal sign up process.

There are a number of hosting service providers that are always ready to help you put up and manage your website and one of them is FatCow. FatCow has been in this business since 1998 and the company aimed to offer a distinctive service from the rest of the providers in the hosting industry.

There are various services offered by FatCow. The E-commerce services, shared hosting as well as domain registration are some of the essential services that can be availed from FatCow. It also offers several hosting packages and this includes the Mini Moo package that is suitable for users who wants to put up a website in a short period of time. When it comes to cost, FatCow’s hosting plan is considerably lower than the plans offered by other web hosting service providers, without sacrificing the quality of its hosting solutions.

Why choose FatCow for your hosting needs?

Fatcow stands out from other web hosting companies or providers because it offers exclusive or special packages. One of the plan package that FatCow offers cost $44.04 per year, but this amount may vary depending on the other requisites that you like to be added to your online site. This basic plan already consistsunlimited amount of disk space, bandwidth, domains, mailboxes, MySQL databases and others. It also contains tools that will allow you to install Joomla, WordPress, phpBB and a lot of other scripts.

FatCow also does extremely well when it comes to security and reliability. It has data center that does backups on a daily basis, it has power generator and round-the-clock network supervision. Its customer support and highly knowledgeable technicians are also available day and night, and they can be contacted through the toll free phone number, or by creating a support ticket, whenever an issue comes up. The 30-day Money Back Guarantee is a good indication that the company is true to its vow to deliver topnotch service and reliability.

What are the promising features does FatCow’s hosting package contain?

If you are looking for a powerful and jam-packed environment or platform to host your online site, FatCow has the solution for your concern. Below is the list of some usable and promising features offered by FatCow.

  •  Limitless disk space for your webpages
  •  Unrestricted usage of bandwidth or traffic
  •  Ability to host a number of domains in one account
  •  Use of Website Builder Tool without any charge
  •  Unlimited number of email accounts
  •  Existing and ready to be used themes and templates
  •  Oneclick Program Installation Wizard
  •  Paypal integration
  •  Day-to-day Server backups
  •  Registrar transfer at no cost
  •  Complimentary advertising and marketing credits

What are the available hosting prices for FatCow’s hosting package?

There are three regular hosting plan rates that are offered Fatcow and they are classified according to the client’s desired time span or period.

  •  The 36-month term that is billed $7.49 every month or $269.64 throughout the entire period.
  •  The 24-month term that is billed $8.49 every month or $203.76 throughout the entire period.
  •  The 12-month term that is billed $9.49 every month or $113.88 throughout the entire period.

On the other hand, there are limited-time promotional discounts, coupon codes or special offers often provided by FatCow. These discounts or coupon codes can be seen or obtained from FatCow’s website or some discount coupon online sites.

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