Can I Build a Good Site With FatCow?

What does it take to have a good brand? Well, a good name that appeals to public means revenues in business. Customers will buy your products and services sometimes by catching their attention. Choosing that sound, unique and attractive brand is your key to gaining more. What makes a good name? According to, they are:

  • The right customer. A producer has to please the right market. He has to understand the values and the likes of his customers over others.
  • A good brand promise, personality and position. A good brand promise is fulfilling what you intend to offer. It is meeting the expectations you build with the brand. A good personality is about the goodwill associated with the team- that is by delivering what is right for your customer. A good position is giving out the best reason why the name of the brand goes that way. Emphasize your willingness to serve your customers right rather than keeping up with the competition.
  • The great commitment by the team. After building up the brand, you have to try to win out customers’ loyalty. There are rooms for improvements so why not open them?

Established in 1998, FatCow has been a popular web host for many years, serving small to medium sized businesses and personal websites. It started with talented team members who dedicated their time and effort for the web host to live and to grow.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll receive when you host your site with FatCow:

Reliable and fast support system

Yes, it is anytime. No hassles or error lasts for another day. The support team is always open and ready to answer your queries or do some troubleshooting by calling through their toll-free numbers or via chat2. 99.9% uptime record.

99.9% uptime record

That is their promise. So for those doing business, rest assured you will never run out of clients. Servers are being monitored 24/7 so any problem that occurs during that time is their call.

FatCow Is Affordable

Open an account today at $3.15 per month. They are on sale. For the first year, you’ll be spending an average of $44 per year to stay on the web. The purchase price comes with unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, POP mailboxes, Domains hosted and Disk space, Plus free domain name, shopping cart, website builder and script barn. That is value plus features rolled in one.

Money Back Guarantee

If the client is not satisfied with FatCow in 30 days, guaranteed money back is offered.

Vdeck control panel

Fatcow uses the Vdeck control panel with its user-friendly features that help you manage your emails, files, domain and even billings. With just a few clicks, you are one step away from being hassle-free.

Green advocacy

100% wind energy is being utilized by FatCow that helps minimize carbon emissions. When you build a site with FatCow, you are supporting the advocacy of the team to lessen its impact on the environment. You can download a badg for free and let your site visitors know that you are promoting greener society.

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