Single Processor Dedicated Servers

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated server consists of one computer in a network that is doing whatever the network needs. It is a physical device so it depends upon its hardware parts to function on what you need. It comprises of disk drives, RAM, cooling system and processor.

When it comes to web hosting, it is simply a rental service. The consumer rents the server and its components, and an Internet connection without sharing the server with anyone else. This is a better choice because you can have full control of the server, including the power to choose your servers components. There is another type of dedicated server, it is called a Complex managed hosting.

Using a Dedicated hosting service gives the advantage of giving a better productivity, control and security. Being expensive, the dedicated server hosting is usually used by business websites that receives vast amounts of data.

What is a Single Processor system?

A Single processor system or uniprocessor is a computer system that consists of only one CPU that is being used to do computer tasks.The term uniprocessor is then used to characterize the type of computers where all tasks are done with a single CPU. At present, more and more software are capable of using multiprocessing structures, such as SMP or Symmetric Multi Processing and MPP or Massively Parallel Processing.

Single processor server hosting is recommend for entry level servers, and is usually used by small companies, with few databases, email hosting and low bandwidth websites.

Services and support that is offered by dedicated hosting server management

  •  Server monitoring
  •  Application updates, monitoring and management
  •  Technical Support
  •  Antivirus updates
  •  User management
  •  Anti-spam software
  •  Disaster recovery
  •  DNS (Domain Name System) hosting service
  •  Load Balancing
  •  Tuning of Performance
  •  Data base administration
  •  Programming consultation
  •  Software installation and configuration
  •  Intrusion detection
  •  Security audits
  •  DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection and mitigation
  •  SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) hardware monitoring
  •  Operating system updates
  •  Firewall Services

Dedicated server hosting provider may offer these types of server support managements:


All maintenance, updates, security and enhancements will be done by the customer


Most tasks and operations will be done by the customer, the regular monitoring and some clean up will be done by the server host


Almost all of the tasks and monitoring will be done by the host, customers may do some tasks.

 Fully Managed

The hosting provider will do everything, from monitoring, updating and upgrading etc., customers will not do anything

Choosing a dedicated server maybe very hard especially if you look at the offers they give you. Here are some facts that may confuse you into choosing a server:

  •  There are 2 manufacturing companies that uses different technologies
  •  They both have many different product lines
  •  Same processors with different number of cores
  •  Same processors but adds different applications
  •  In each of their product line, there are different makes of chips
  •  And in each make, there are different clock speeds

Now if you are going to choose a dedicated server, always check and choose the one which has the biggest RAM. These manufacturers always focus and compare their processors. For servers, RAM is much more important than you think it is. Dual cores always beat single cores on servers, even if it has a much lower clock speed.

Choosing the right kind of server for you isn’t that hard if you know the basics and learn how to compare each one of them to the other. Eventually you are going to come to a conclusion and choose the best and right one for you.

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