Linux dedicated server hosting

Choosing an operating system for your web hosting server might be a difficult task. Linux and Windows are both very good options. But lately, Linux has the upper hand when it comes to popularity with web makers.

What is Linux?

Linux was made by Linus Torvalds back in 1991. It is free to use for everyone and is an open source platform. Linux runs on UNIX-based operating system. UNIX, by the way is a multi-user and multi-tasking operating system. The Linux operating has a very crucial specialty called LAMP. It is made up of Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python. It is a collection of server technologies and software that are also open source.

What are the advantages in using Linux Server Hosting?

These are some of the advantages in using a Linux server hosting:


Consumers always consider the price of the hosting that they will choose. Linux is low cost because it usually doesn’t need very pricey licensing fees. Anyone can start an online business at such a low cost that is why this is widely used by the public. Linux is also free to use.


Web designers have many options to choose from in making their websites. It is very easy to alter or change, and update at will.


 Running on UNIX, Linux has the multi tasking capabilities. While using another program, it can run in the background uninterrupted. It is well known that Linux can interact with many different applications running all at once.


 Linux most probably will run on your old computers. You can use it as a firewall or server back up and it will still run.


 Also well-known as having the best running server up to date. You can have multiple users working off at the same server and it will still run smoothly. Also best for networking use, you can plug a lot of devices without any issues.

 Stability and Security

Considered as the most trusted and stable platform. It doesn’t usually experience server crashes and can run for hundreds of days. You also don’t need to think about rebooting or always downloading new updates. With it being flexible, you can customize and modify on your security of your choice depending on your needs.

What are the downsides in using Linux hosting server?

Like everything else on our world, nothing is perfect. Here are a few disadvantages in using Linux server hosting.

  •  Linux has many distributions or so called “distro’s”. Each of them has pro’s and con’s that can make the users a bit confused. A distribution may work, and sometimes, it will not.
  •  If not properly secured before making public, people tend to over use it. People who use it should learn about the basics of UNIX, if not, it will be very confusing for the users.
  •  Not also a major downside, but Windows files are not case sensitive, Linux are.


 Its takes patience to learn on how to navigate and familiarize yourself in using Linux. Although it is not a very major disadvantage, it is a bit bothersome.

Linux has been working hard on compensating for some Windows applications. But they can’t compensate for everything. Because Linux is free, they are sometimes a bit late on upgrades and new items. So when you go in a website that is using Windows-based applications, it doesn’t work properly.

Not everything is perfect, so is Linux too. It may have some disadvantages, but it is up to the users to make the most of its benefits. Linux had always have the upper hand when it comes to its open source platform.

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