What is dedicated server hosting?

A hosting solution where the client leases or rents from the service provider the entire physical server and all its resources is called Dedicated Server Hosting. Having leased the entire server for his own use means that the client has, at his disposal, the entire resources of the server such as the RAM, the disk space, the bandwidth as well as the server’s computing power. Another characteristic of Dedicated Server hosting that is worthy of mention is that Dedicated Server hosting providers give their clients the responsibility of running and managing the server and the website. However, some service providers offer to take charge of the server management tasks with their Managed Dedicated Server Hosting services.
With basic Dedicated Server Hosting, the client’s sole responsibility is to take charge of the server management tasks which means that he has no business with hardware concerns. This is because all the hardware concerns are under the care of the service provider. This means further that, should the client need better and faster server hardware, all he has to do is to request the provider for the necessary upgrade and the provider will do the rest. Aside from the hardware concerns, it is also the provider’s responsibility to upgrade and install necessary software and application for the server should the need arise, at an added cost to the client.

What basic features can I expect from top dedicated server hosting providers and how much do they cost?

It is an accepted fact that different service providers offer different packages designed to give maximum interest to their clients. To have a clearer perspective on what features top dedicated server hosting providers offer and how much their hosting packages cost, it would be helpful to compare them, one after the other. This should help you choose which provider suits you best, according to features and prices they offer. Here is three of what is considered as among the top dedicated hosting companies in the market today which offers affordable prices:

 BlueHost (Standard Dedicated Hosting package) 

  •  Price -$74.99 first month; $149.99 per month on succeeding months
  •  Features:
  •  2 x 2.0 GHz CPU;
  •  4GB available RAM;
  •  500GB storage (mirrored);
  •  5TB bandwidth;
  •  3 IPs;
  •  free domain
  •  24/7 support
  •  money-back guarantee

 InMotion (Essential Dedicated Server Hosting package)

  •  Price: $119.99 per month
  •  Features:
  •  Intel Core E2220/E5400
  •  2C/2T – 4GB RAM
  •  500GB 7.2K SATA
  •  6TB Data Transfer

 HostGator (Basic Dedicated Server Hosting package)

  •  Price – $174 per month
  •  Features:
  •  Intel Xeon Dual Core, 2.3GHz (4 threads)
  •  100 Mbps Uplink
  •  4 GB High Performance RAM
  •  500 GB RAID-1 Drives
  •  10 TB Bandwidth
  •  2 Dedicated IPs

What are the advantages of choosing Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server hosting services brings a lot of advantages, both to the client and to the website. Some of these advantages are the following:

  •  Clients are provided with fast, reliable and robust server performance. This is because all the resources of the server are dedicated only to one client.
  •  Clients are assured of hosting reliability. As the whole system is dedicated for his use only, the server do not run the risk of being crashed, swamped or slowed down by any other site requesting for resources.
  •  Dedicated Server hosting provides for better security. Clients need not worry about someone else accessing your files as nobody else has access to it but the client himself.
  •  Dedicated server hosting offers its clients more flexibility.
  •  Dedicated server hosting gives its clients full autonomy and freedom over the server administration and management.
  •  It allows for a custom firewall to enforce access control policy.
  •  Clients are provided their own unique IP address.

Do I need dedicated server hosting?

The answer to the question whether you need dedicated server or not can only be answered after you have fully assessed the needs of your server and website. If your website expects a lot of traffic and heavier media content which means it needs a more robust server hardware and more resources to handle the task and if you need to be on top of the situation, to have better control over your hardware and software, then you should go for a Dedicated Server Hosting service.

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