Benefits and Drawbacks of Dedicated Hosting

What is Dedicated hosting?

Dedicated Hosting, officially known as Dedicated Server hosting, is a hosting solution where the client rents or leases from the service provider the entire physical server, its resources and capabilities for the client’s use only. This means that the whole physical server and all that is within it is dedicated to server one client only, giving reason to the name dedicated server. Since the server is only leased from the provider, it is the provider’s responsibility – aside from providing the client with optimum internet connection – to take care of the hardware including, but not limited to make necessary hardware upgrade and also install the necessary software and its updates and patches. However, upgrades and additional applications and software may come at an added cost to the client.
Though the client has full and total control over the management, administration and maintenance of his server and website, he has no control over the hardware and the Operating System installed on the server. Often, the client is at the mercy of the specifications offered by the provider as he has no other choice but to simply choose from the options provided for him.

What benefits do Dedicated Hosting bring?

Aside from providing its clients with a powerful and secure web hosting solution that is designed for customers with sophisticated and more complex hosting needs, dedicated hosting also brings a lot more benefits to their clients. Below is a list of the common benefits that Dedicated hosting bring. Dedicated hosting brings:

 Higher uptime percentage.

This is because of the measures that are instituted by the service provider such as better redundancy programs for its power and bandwidth plus a staff of trained personnel to ensure a 99% uptime guarantee.

 Better Performance

 With all the server’s resources dedicated for a single server only, clients can only expect top-caliber and a more robust performance of his server.


Having the total resources and capabilities of the server to serve the needs of a single website and without anybody having to share these resources with greatly reduces, if not eliminates, the risk of the server being congested, slowed down and swamped with requests from other websites or applications.

 With the power of the entire server dedicated to one website means there is no limit as to how large the website can grow.

 Better Security

 Nobody else has access to the server and its files but the client which means there is no need to worry about other client’s website bringing malicious software and viruses into the server .


Clients can customize the server configuration according to the website’s needs and wants without the need to worry about affecting other sites.

 Unlimited Administrative Access

 With dedicated hosting, clients get full access to the website and have root and administrator access to it. This allows the client to customize program configurations and install necessary programs

What drawbacks should I expect from Dedicated Hosting?

Despite the number of advantages that dedicated hosting brings, it also brings with it its share of a number of drawbacks which prevents some clients from fully enjoying dedicated hosting. When you purchase dedicated hosting services, you may have to expect the following drawbacks:

  •  Dedicated Hosting is more expensive compared to other hosting solutions. This is because there is nobody to share the cost of operation with. Plus there is the added cost of the hardware upgrades, additional software installations and perhaps, the need to hire professional staff to handle the server administration and management tasks.
  •  Dedicated hosting is not recommended for small-sized businesses, for websites that do not expect a heavy traffic volume, websites that do not require heavy and complex computing solutions, and companies that do not have the financial capacity for the high cost of dedicated hosting.
  •  Clients need to have, at least, basic technical know-how in server administration and management to make his server work efficiently. Otherwise, he may need to hire IT professional/s to do the job for him.

Is Dedicated hosting a good idea?

Though dedicated hosting has its share of benefits and drawbacks, it is clear that the benefits that it brings far outweigh its drawbacks. However, this should not be made the only basis for deciding whether dedicated hosting is the way to go. Rather, the decision should be based on the nature and requirements of your website. This means that if you are a operating a large internet-based business or if you need to have more control over its operation to personally see to it that it caters to the needs of your clients, then dedicated hosting is highly recommended for you.

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