Dedicated vs cloud hosting

What are the basic differences between Dedicated hosting and Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of a hosting solution where a website is hosted by a number of physical servers that are interconnected through the web, whose resources are pooled and are stored in a virtual location called a cloud. It is actually hosting through the pooling of resources for the purpose of supplying the necessary resources to a website as it is needed, when it is needed and where it is needed. Since the resources come from a number of servers from different locations, there is no danger of being swamped by requests for resources as there is a seemingly inexhaustible supply of it coming from a number of physical servers.
On the other hand, Dedicated hosting solution clients lease an actual, physical server that is dedicated to provide a specified resource that is installed and configured on the server. The whole physical server is solely dedicated for one client alone, giving him more power and resources at his disposal.
Another notable difference between the two is that since the full resources contained on the server is dedicated and reserved for an end-user whether needed or not, the dedicated hosting clients may need to pay for resources that he has no need for or has not used. This differs with cloud servers in as much as Cloud server resources can be allocated and dispersed anytime and anywhere it is needed. This means that clients may only be provided the actual resources needed at a certain moment and be billed for the actual resources used and traffic received.

What good can cloud hosting bring me and my website?

  •  It is cost-effective as clients get billed utility-type, where they only need to pay only for what they actually used;
  •  The cloud can be easily deployed without the hassle of hardware installation, software installation, implementation and licensing;
  •  It provides better physical security as all the servers are still based on data centers that are physically protected and secured and are spread over a large area making it physically impossible to pilfer or do damage to your server;
  •  It is more reliable. This is because the resources supplied to your website come from a pooled number of servers assuring the constant availability of resources as it is needed, when it is needed and where it is needed;
  •  It is very flexible especially in terms of cost and budget as the client needs only to pay for what he has actually used means that there could be not waste of resources and money for resources he never needs.
  •  Cloud hosting offers unlimited scalability. Since the resources are produced virtually, it is so easy to scale it up or down according to the growing or dwindling needs of the website, without the need to wait for a long and tedious process of hardware upgrade or downgrade.

What are the advantages of a dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is known to provide its clients with a powerful and secure web hosting solutions that are designed for websites with sophisticated and more complex hosting needs. However, the good news does not end with that as dedicated hosting brings a lot more benefits to their clients. Dedicated hosting offers:

  •  Higher uptime percentage as service providers provide their hosting solutions with better redundancy programs;
  •  Better performance because the server’s total resources are dedicated for a single website only, assuring the client of an optimal and a more robust server performance;
  •  Reliability as the client has at his disposal the total resources and capabilities of the server to serve the needs of a single website greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of the server being congested, slowed down and swamped with resource requests;
  •  Greater scalability, this is because the power of the entire server dedicated to one website only means there is more room for the website to grow;
  •  Better security as nobody else has access to the server and its files means that there is no need to worry about other websites’ malicious software and viruses affecting the server and his website;
  •  Flexibility, this is because clients can customize the server configuration according to his website’s requirements without the need to worry about affecting other sites; and
  •  Unlimited administrative access because clients get full root and administrator access to their server and their website. This allows the client to make custom configurations.

Which should I go for, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting?

Picking a choice between the two could be a great challenge as each offers a number of features that are proven advantageous for websites. As for cloud hosting, it would be safe to say that aside from the advantages that it brings, it is also seen as the great potential for future web development plans as it is highly scalable, powerful and reliable, a big plus factor for long-term plans. However, dedicated hosting’s time-tested accountability, reliability and security, aside from its immense capacity and power are factors that make people choose and love dedicated hosting.
In the end, choosing one over the other is simply a matter of personal preference and financial capability.

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