Dedicated vs VPS hosting

How does VPS differ with Dedicated hosting?

A VPS, officially known as Virtual Private Server, is a type of a hosting solution that can be aptly described as an inter-marriage between a shared hosting solution and a dedicated hosting solution. The reason for this description is that it shares the characteristics of both hosting solutions. This is because, like a shared hosting solution, the VPS allows a number of websites to reside and share the resources of a single server but it also functions like a dedicated server in a sense that VPS allows each website to function independently from one another. This is how VPS works; although a number of websites share the same server, each website is allocated each own virtual machine that functions as an independent server, much like a dedicated server. Though they share the physical resources of a single server, software allows it to duplicate a number of virtual servers, one for each website that shares the same machine. It is like providing a number of dedicated hosting services in one shared server.
This differs from Dedicated hosting in as much as dedicated hosting clients has the exclusive use of the entire server and its total available resources, which basically means he has the entire physical server and all its resources, like the RAM, the CPU, the disk space and the bandwidth all for himself.

What are the advantages of using VPS hosting?

VPS hosting brings a number of advantages for its clients and some of these advantages are the following:

  •  It allows cash strapped and resource-conscious websites to experience the power and independence of a dedicated hosting service at a cost that is comparable to that of a shared hosting solution;
  •  It is cost effective especially for small and medium-sized websites as they do not need to spend much for the cost of the hosting service;
  •  It is software based which means it can allow its clients to easily scale up or down their server’s resources according to their growing or dwindling needs, without the need for an expensive physical upgrade or downgrade;
  •  Each virtual server acts independently from the other virtual servers, which means customizing the servers will not jeopardize and will have no direct effect on the other virtual server’s activity;
  •  As a “separate server”, the VPS can perform a bit better and faster compared to shared servers;
  •  As each server is independent, clients are granted root/admin access to the server which means he has full control over the software and application which he wishes to install.

What advantages does dedicated hosting bring?

Using dedicated server hosting for a website can be very advantageous, both for you and your website. Among these advantages are as follows:

  •  Clients do not need spend a significant amount of money for the purchase of a top-of-the-line hardware and the licenses of the operating system and other software for the server as these are provided by the service provider;
  •  Clients enjoy total control over their server, giving them the freedom over the choice of the server’s computing power and other resources such as RAM and disk space including the choice of the operating system and the applications needed as well as the freedom to customize the server’s system configurations according to his website’s needs;
  •  The whole physical server is for his exclusive use only which means he does not need to share any server’s resources with any other subscriber;
  •  There is no risk of being crashed, swamped or slowed down by any other site;
  •  The firewall configuration can be customized to enforce access control policy.
  •  Clients have the freedom and ability to run any software, even those that are not typically allowed by shared hosting plans.

Which should work best for my site, Dedicated hosting or VPS hosting?

Answering the question of which should work best for your website could be very difficult as the answer actually depends upon the type of website you have and its requirements. In the end, the best hosting solution for your website would be the one that best caters and provides for your website’s needs within your budget. However, if it could help serve as your guide, here are a few tips: One, both hosting solutions allow you greater independence and control over your server, its operating system and applications and software. Next, Dedicated hosting could be more expensive but could give you more resources and power, on the other hand, VPS hosting could provide you with the same control provided by dedicated hosting but with a lesser performance and, fortunately, at a lesser cost.
As such, if your website requires a powerful and more reliable hosting solution without concern for the cost of the hosting operation, then Dedicated hosting is the best choice for you. However, if you are not yet ready to make big time investments for your own server but needs the features offered by a Dedicated hosting solution, then there is no doubt that Virtual Private Server would be best for your website.

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