Quad Processor Dedicated Servers

What is a Quad Processor?

A quad-core processor is a chip that consists of four cores that translate and do the CPU’s commands such delete, copy data or translate language.

Each of the processors core moves in sync with other circuits such as input/output (I/O) ports,cache and administration of data or memory. The cores in a quad-core processor can multi task, increasing the overall speed for applications that are fit together with parallel processing. The manufactures usually combine the cores in a single semiconductor wafer, or inseveral semiconductor wafers in a single integrated circuit or IC package.

Many people will think that a quad core works 2x than a dual core, and that it works 4x faster than with a single core, it is not that easy. Results differ depending on how the owner of the computer use it, what applications he installs, and the compatibility of the hardware that he uses with this processor.

The best results are seen when you try running many programs simultaneously, or in situations that uses large amount of workloads such as:

  •  Robot control.
  •  making CD data into MP3s
  •  3-D (three-dimensional) graphics
  •  making DVD data into portable movies

Feature and Benefits that you will get on using a Quad Processor

  •  Fan speed control technology that is based on actual Processors CPU temperature and consuming of power

 Wide Dynamic

Enhances work speed and efficiency, delivering more commands per clock cycle. Each of the four cores can finish up to four commands all at the same time.

 Designed Thermal Solution for Boxed processors

 Includes a 4-pin connector to control fan speed and to help minimize the acoustic noise made from solution for Boxed running the fan in faster speeds for thermal performance.

 Smart Memory Access

It shapes up the use of the data exchange from the memory system to a faster out-of-order execution. A newly designed prediction mechanism reduces the time in-flight instructions have to wait for data.

 Quad-Core Processor

 Provides four complete execution cores in a single processor with up to 12 MB of L2 cache. It has four physical threads that help the operating systems and features bringmore productivity, so users can experience better multi-tasking and multi – threaded performance in its applications and features

 Advanced Smart

Gives us a shared level 2 cache on each pair of cores that can be given to each processor. This increases the possibility that each core with every pair can read data from fast L2 cache, minimizing inactivity to repeatedly useddata and upgrading the performance.


 Allows one hardware platform to function as multiple “virtual” platforms.

 Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS)

Gives us a more productive processor and thermal control improving system acoustics. The DTS continues to measure the temperature on each processing core. The ability to continuously size upand find issues in the processor temperature lets the system fans to spin only as fast as it needed to cool the whole system. The partnering of these technologies can result in a noticeably lower noise from the PC.

 64 Architecture

Gives the processor the right to use large amounts of memory. With the right 64-bit hardware and software, platforms that are based on a processor that supports64 architecture can use the increased virtual and physical memory.

 Execute Disable Bit4

Gives a longer shield from viruses when sent with a supported operating system. Memories can be cited as executable or non-executable, letting the processor know about an error to the operating system if malicious malware tries to run in non-executable memory. This can prevent the code from infecting the system.

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