Typical Hardware Upgrade Options

Choosing the right hardware for your server is not that hard. Look for a hardware that suits your needs but also with enhanced performance. But everything gets old or fades, and the time will come that you would have to upgrade your hardware or get a new one.

Signs that you need a hardware upgrade

  •  You are spending way too much in fixing problems and issues on your server
  •  You notice that when you open an application or feature its takes a longer time for it to open up than usual. If you look at the disk and CPU and find that you using 80%, then you better start looking for a new one
  •  When the fans and hard disks gives off too much noise than usual. This is one of the signs that a hardware failure is on their way.
  •  Warranty is almost done
  •  The applications doesn’t work well like it used to be, like frequent “not responding” warnings
  •  Out of nowhere, your server just fails with no warnings at all

If you have any of these signs, its time for you to upgrade or buy a new hardware. When you finally identifythe issues, then you can choose what to upgrade. Before you upgrade, you better keep a back up copy of every data you have just in case something goes wrong. But you do this, be sure of what is the real problem. Have the whole server checked first so you’ll know what needs to be fixed. To make sure you do have a problem, do these things first:

  •  Remove any application that you don’t need
  •  Delete spywares, malwares and viruses
  •  Defragment your hard drive

Hardware that you can upgrade

 RAM or random access memory

 You should increase your RAM if you have an older computer. Put in as much RAM as you can that your computer will be able to support

Processor or the CPU

 A faster processor means a faster performance on your computer of server, but this is not very easy. Always remember that you need a sufficient amount of RAM in order to enjoy enhanced work of a faster processor. If you are installing a new processor make sure that it will work well with your motherboard

 Hard Drives

Upgrade to a bigger hard drive if you are running low on storage. If your computer is slowing down, upgrading to a faster hard drivewill fix it.

  •  Processor fans – if its being too noisy it time to change it.
  •  Network routers, repeaters, bridges and brouters – upgrading these can help you transmit data traffic more efficiently and expand your network, but it would be better if you ask for the advice of a professional in upgrading these hardware

If you just want to upgrade your computer hardware, there are many tutorials online that teach you how to upgrade the hardware yourself, since most of them aren’t that hard to upgrade. Sometimes you have to open the computer and poke some things inside. Upgrading laptops is more complicated and can be very confusing for those who doesn’t have any technical knowledge.

On servers, if you don’t have your own IT staff designated on this task, you better call in a professional consultant. If you are upgrading your server, make sure that you choose a server that has expandable storage that can last at least 3 years that includes dual processors, RAID hardware and at least 3 years of warranty. Server and hardware are usually recommended to upgrade at least every 3 years, especially for servers that hosts heavy workloads in order for it to work efficiently.

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