NVIDIA Tesla GPU Servers

The NVIDIA corporation was established by Jen Hsu-Huang, Curtis Priem and Chris Malachowsky back in 1993, and received their capital from Sequoia Capital. They mainly make GPU’s or graphics processing units and SOC’s or system on chip units for the mobile industry. They also give the scientists and researchers the capacity to use parallel computing. They have been recently venturing into the mobile computing industry, where they are producing a mobile processor for tablets and smart phones, called Tegra.

What is NVIDIA Tesla GPU’s?

It is NVIDIA’s third installments of GPU’s that are made for general purpose supercomputing. A GPU or also called graphics processing unit. GPU accelerated computing is where a GPU and a CPU are working together in order for it do applications that help enhance engineering and scientific computing. GPU accelerated computing works by taking away the intensive computing parts of the operations to the GPU’s, and sending the remaining parts to the CPU.

The GPU’s that are manufactured by NVIDIA has a parallel computing platform that is called CUDA or Compute Unified Device Architecture. This architecture allows the program makers the capacity to access the virtual instruction set and the data from the parallel computing parts in the CUDA based GPU’s. The use of CUDA is mainly on general purpose computing.

Difference of how CPU’s and GPU’s work

A CPU processes applications constantly and continuously one at a time with only a few cores to do it, while a GPU has hundreds or thousands of smaller and more efficient cores that are capable of conducting many tasks all at the same time. I have watched an example of how the CPU’s and GPU’s work. They used a robot that shoots paintballs to draw a smiley one at a time, it took about 1 minute to finish it. On the example of a GPU, they used a machine to paint the Mona Lisa, in which gallons of air was put in cylinders, then are connected to thousands of tubes that have paintballs in each of them, which were simultaneously fired into the canvass in just a second or 2.

What can Tesla GPU servers give you?

  •  it has the most productive and fastest high computing architecture called the Kepler architecture which was made by NVIDIA. It is more capable in adapting high computing applications and makes it even more accessible for designers and developers of applications
  •  You can run your applications on their NVIDIA GPU accelerators, it was made to make your servers bring faster and efficient computing results. It makes the CPU and GPU work together in a single server knot form factor.
  •  Bigger on board memory of 12GB on the Tesla K40 GPU
  •  They support many operating systems for Linux and Windows
  •  All of the Tesla family products are made sure that they can withstand the heaviest workloads in long periods of time without having any issues
  •  It has ECC protection for a performance with no issues or problems
  •  2x more accurate on floating point performance, such as 1.43 Tflops
  •  Quicker PCIe or peripheral component interconnect express transmission
  •  Up to date and cutting edge OEM or original equipment manufacturers servers

Fields in which you can use or apply the Tesla GPU Servers

  •  Research on physics, chemistry and biology and numerical analytics
  •  Oil and gas
  •  Media and entertainment, such as animation, effects editing weather and climate simulations and forecasting, video and audio editing, encoding etc
  •  Defense and intelligence
  •  Manufacturing, such as computer aided design, computational fluid dynamics
  •  Computational finance

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