Xeon 1200 Dedicated Servers

Living in a very demanding world, businesses always want to be better and achieve more goals. So sometimes, you will find yourself asking, can I be able to see my files without hassles anywhere and anytime I want to? Does your business have enough protection just in case of a security problem? Can your company be able to adapt with new changes that occur continuously in the business world? If your answer is no, then it is time for you to find a new platform for your server.
Every year computer engineers and makers have been developing new platforms for the consumers. They have been busy updating and fixing issues that are present in the predecessor architectures. All for the benefit of the consumers contentment and happiness. In 2011, Xeon 1200 was launched and introduce its new platform, the Sandy Bridge which was applied immediately to mobiles, servers and desktop. Xeon 1200 E3 V2 has the Sandy Bridge. Then on June 4 2013, the Haswell platform was launched as the next in line after the Ivy Bridge architecture. A processor with low power was made for hybrid Ultra books. Ultrabooks is a type of subnotebooks made with applications that lessen the bulk without having any issues on the performance and battery usage. They used core processors with low power, solid state drivers and one chassis to attain this goal.

Why use Xeon 1200 as a new platform for your server?

  •  It is a great choice for business applications, because it has an even faster work you can rely on its performance
  •  Has an ECC memory that prevents you on having any issues with your data. Finds and fixes almost all of your memory problems
  •  It has low power processors available in 20w and 45w SKUs, that is best for energy restricted platforms
  •  Has turbo boost technology, that when you need it the most, it will automatically increase the processors performance
  •  Has a technology that protects and prevents you from any digital issues, helps you make sure that your system is in great shape
  •  Has additional ports for more flexibility and more connections for your network
  •  Also has hyper threading or HTT, it lets your perform multi tasking on your applications while still running smoothly

Xeon 1200 Series Models

There are 11 models for the Xeon 1200 series. But before you choose any of them you must first consider the following criterias that you need for your platform:

  •  How many cores does it have? More cores means it can multi task even better when you need it.
  •  How fast is it? Platforms that has more clock speed tends to give you great results so your server can perform and handle more applications
  •  How big is the cache? Bigger cache size will give the consumers a quick access and great performance for most of your applications
  •  Does it have HTT? If it does, your server will run smoothly and not face any problems.

Here are the models of Xeon 1200 series: E3-1280 with a speed of 3.50 GHz, E3-1275 with a speed of 3.40GHz, E3-1270 with a speed of 3.40GHz also, E3-1260L with a speed 2.40GHz, E3-1245 with a speed of 3.30 GHz, E3-1240 with a speed 3.30GHz, E3-1235 with 3.20GHz speed, E3-1230 with also 3.20 GHz speed, E3-1220L with 2.20 GHz speed, E3-1225 with 3.10 GHz speed and lastly, E3-1220 with 3.10 Ghz speed. All of them has 4 cores, except for the E3-1220L with only 2 cores.
The Xeon 1200 series are very light on the pocket to have and to set up, with extras that helps you keep your upkeep costs to a minimum. It is build using standards in the industry, so you can have a lot of options to choose from the market.

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