Xeon 5500 Dedicated Servers

For the past few years, the IT departments of many computer companies have been pouring all their resources and time into producing products that will accommodate to the fast growing needs of business. With them expanding the components from cooling parts to power saving, it is actually limiting the space for new discoveries and ways to enhance performance of their products.

Back in 2009, a Nehalem based processor was launched. Its name is Xeon 5500 series, and was given the codename “Gainestown”. Servers that are based on this processor can experience new applications and upgrades that will further enhance your server’s performance. Looking into its new features and upgrades, it will surely be worth your time to look into it and know more about it.

What is Xeon 5500 series?

It is a Nehalem based processor that still uses a 45 nm process like Penryn. It has 4 cores that is on single die and all use one L3 cache, that caters up to 8mb. It can support the 2 types of memory modules which is the Registered DIMMs and the Unbuffered DIMMs. The Unbuffered DIMMs were meant for low end servers and workstations that requires more than 48GB of memory using modeules that are also 48GB. Registered DIMMs are more on standard and top of the line servers that uses more than 48GB of memory. All of its models have dual processing set-ups.

What to expect on Xeon 5500?

  •  A very smart working performance that will update your systems performance automatically to adapt to your business and operation needs.
  •  Has an automatic adaptive energy that measures your use of energy to achieve high performance/watt and minimize the costs of applications.
  •  Have a virtualization that is adjustable to offer you a high end, top of the class performance and the ability to maintain virtualized atmosphere to enhance your IT system while minimizing costs.

Nehalem Microarchitecture

The different newly released server processors have been a very good groundwork. These platforms are all made with high-end applications that accommodates new application for whatever your business needs, lower consumption of energy with top of the line performance and efficiency. The following technologies are included in the Nehalem Microarchitecture.

  •  Turbo boost technology that lets you have increased speed according to your needs when you need it the most.
  •  Hyper Threading technology or HTT that lets you multi task on your applications all at the same time and still have the same optimum work efficiency.
  •  Quick Technology brings you top of the line transmission of applications on using Xeon 5500 series. This technology gives us up to 3.5x transmission of data compared to older types of processors. This technology delivers top speed point to point contact with processors, and between processors and I/O hub. A dedicated memory is put on very on every processor that has access to an Integrated Memory Controller. In cases in which a processor is required to connect or access another processor, a QPI or QuickPath Interconnect is used to link with all the processors.
  •  Intelligent Power Technology for a dedicated server lessens the power usage when some of the sever applications are not used.
  •  The new virtualization technology in Xeon 5500 increases the performance of visualization with other new assisting parts in your server.

Xeon 5500 Series Processor Models

  •  W5580 – 3.20 GHz
  •  X5570 – 2.93 GHz
  •  X5560 – 2.80 GHz
  •  X5550 – 2.66 GHz
  •  E5540 – 2.53 GHz
  •  E5530 – 2.40 GHz
  •  L5520 – 2.26 GHz
  •  E5520 – 2.26 GHz
  •  L5506 – 2.13 GHz
  •  E5506 – 2.13 GHz
  •  E5504 – 2.00 GHz
  •  E5502 – 1.86 GHz

All of these models have 4 cores, except for the E5502 that has only 2 cores. From the model W5580 to E5520 has both Turbo Boost Technology and HTT, the rest of the models doesn’t.

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